Summary: Lions cannot stand before the LION OF JUDAH! Hurray!

Lion of Judah!

Daniel 9:4"O Lord, the great and awesome God, who keeps covenant and steadfast love with those who love him and keep his commandments.’

I’m struggling! Should I give you three points on the above scripture? I was thinking! I preached this promise Word in the church this morning. Three gorgeous character of God mentioned in the above scripture:

• Great and Awesome God!

• Covenant keeping God!

• God with Steadfast love!

I have talked a lot of His greatness and how He keeps His covenant with His children, the third point arrests me! His steadfast love! In this fast, quick and uncertain world, where we get our hearts broken a million times because of the callous attitude of people, without this ‘colossal love’ of God I would have gone bonkers, I would not be here writing this message to you! I would have quit writing for God, quit ministry and may be doing something else………..such have been the struggles, persecutions, uncertainty and pain. His steadfast love has kept me strong and fighting the battles head-on!

The above scripture are the words of Daniel, his revelation about God was spot on! He knew his God too well and that’s exactly why he was not scared of the lions. Lions cannot stand before the LION OF JUDAH! Hurray! I would always wonder how Daniel would have walked to the lion’s den! ‘Like a lion!’ Amen. When David Livingston, missionary who worked in Africa had come to Scotland to the University of Edinburgh, the usually noisy and raucous students, gave a silent, standing ovation to David Livingston when it was his turn to come up on stage. There Livingstone stood, one arm hanging at his side - his shoulder had been torn by a lion in the forests of Africa. There he stood, his skin like leather - because the sun had completely destroyed it. I write this portion choked with tears! Our lives have been mediocre, lacking substance for too long, when would we stretch out for God? David Livingston said: ‘people say I have sacrificed my life working in Africa but what is it compared to the sacrifice my Master Jesus did for me on the cross!’ David Livingston had a clear picture of the nature of His God! Such revelations instigate and stir us to do more for Him and help us during time of crisis! Do you hear me? His Steadfast love! How lovely!

It was my birthday and I was in a different town! It was also the most difficult period in my ministry and I was emotionally very down too, a cousin of mine, came to the place where I was staying and she took me to a church close by. I walked in without any expectation but my heart was like a full dam – any moment it would burst; none knew it though. The worship leader came forward and sang, I tell you, the words spoke to me. Why should a powerful God just bother about an emotionally weak woman like me? He did care! I wept and sobbed during the worship not because I was feeling emotionally drained but because God came down to comfort me. He remembered my birthday! What more do I need than His comfort! I speak to people who are going through pain and angst – cheer up! He is the Lion of Judah!

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