Summary: The third message in an Easter series looking at the life of Peter. In particular, how we struggle with some of the same issues he did because of our attidue of self-sufficiency.

The Passion of Christ

March 21, 2004

Little Bo Pete – Mt. 26:33-54

Sunday AM

Intro: Little Bo Pete lost some sleep b/c he didn’t trust the Savior

Got out of the boat, and almost did float instead he only got soaked

Little Bo Pete lost some sleep b/c he didn’t hear the Savior

Was there in the night when Judas came near got ticked off and cut off Malchus ear

Insert: Last week we looked at the character of being a Judas - a spiritual fraud – not sold out but a sell out. This week we’re looking at Peter – a man w/ good intentions and a genuine walk – but who denied Jesus b/c of a major character flaw – he wasn’t a sell out but neither was he sold out either.

Text: Matthew 26:33-54

Trans: The impact of 9/11. One lady whose husband worked in the WTC, but wasn’t there due to a meeting at another site. She shared how they’d had an fight that AM and left w/ harsh words. She was so struck by the fact that if he’d been at his desk, their last words would’ve been spoken in anger – not in love. They agreed not to leave each other on harsh terms. You never know what the day will bring, and which of your words will be your last.

Trans: I can only imagine how Peter might have felt when the last words he spoke of Jesus before His death were of denial. Those few hours he spent alone w/ his thoughts and regrets must have been sheer misery. Peter understood that there isn’t much difference b/w Judas’ betrayal and His denial – Judas turned Jesus over while Peter turned his back. But where Judas’ regret led to death, Peter’s regret led to repentance and restoration.

Trans: Truth be told, Peter was often pulling stunts that got him in trouble – stunts that put him at odds w/ others and were often embarrassing God. Like Pete, we tend to get ourselves in some similar predicaments.

I We Replace God’s Way with Our Way (Jn 13:6)

Note: We have a tendency to think we know better than God on certain issues.

Note: Truth is, that’s what sin is – acting upon the belief that some how we know better than God.

Verse: There is a way that seems right to a person, but eventually it ends in death. Pr. 16:24

Idea: You may think you know better than God, but you’re just fooling yourself – and if you don’t wake up and smell the coffee, it is going cost you your life.

Situation: When Jesus washed the disciple’s feet, Peter spoke in disagreement w/ Him telling Him that there is no way He was going let Jesus wash his feet.

Idea: God’s way is the only way – Jesus said I am the only way…

How: We replace God’s way w/ our way when we:

• Seek salvation apart from Him (various ways people try)

• Disregard His will for our own plans (we never consult – just do)

Truth: It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about salvation or God’s will – God way is not just the best way – it’s the only way.

II We Make Commitments w/out Considering the Cost (Jn 13:38)

Situation: Jesus predicts Peter’s denial. Peter told Jesus that he’d never forsake Him.

Truth: The spirit was willing but the flesh was weak – in his head Peter was committed, but in his heart he was scared.

Reality: I think many of us are more committed in our heads than we are in our hearts and actions. I truly believe that most of us want our lives to honor God and have an impact for His kingdom – but the truth is, when the cost of following goes up – too many of us tend to fade away.

Why: B/c we tend to make commitments w/out considering the cost. We join churches, make recommitments – but too often on our terms and not God’s.

Trans: What did it cost God to rescue us – everything. (He paid a debt)

Question: If it cost God everything to redeem us – what is He going to require in return – all of us – every fiber and activity of our being.

Note: God is never going to be satisfied w/ just some of you – He will always pursue all of you. He wants your mind, soul, heart, and strength. He wants you time, talents, tongue, treasure, testimony and temple.

Trans: God doesn’t need our good intentions, He needs our singular attention. He doesn’t want our sincere opinion, He wants our uncompromising obedience. He can’t move in our lives until we move out of His way. He is not impressed w/ our sacrifices, He’s impressed w/ a broken and contrite heart.

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