Summary: Little maid with a giant voice whose faith inluenced big people.

The story of the little maid has a great lesson to present to every believer today. If rightly understood, it will bring encouragement even to those believers who think they are of no importance in our society.

Believers should not underestimate their value and their presence in this present world. A study on the life of the little maid will surely help to open the eyes of our understanding so we may clearly see our God-given purpose in life. Keep in mind that believers are special people with a special purpose.

In times of success or in times of failure, wherever a believer is, he is not there for no purpose at all, but God permits him to go through a good or bad experience so he may shine for the glory of God.

We may not know the unpleasant experiences of this little maid during her captivity or how little her stature was, but without doubt, we will discover what made her a great witness for God. She was a simple maid, but her great influence to the people around her was tremendously felt.

(I) Strong Faith

II Kings 5:1-3

-Soaring faith

The faith of many believers in their darkest hour is easily shaken and covered with clouds of hopelessness. Their confessed strong faith is gradually weakened by strong winds of doubts and fears.

The little maid in her captivity, proudly exhibited to the people of Syria that her faith in God will never be put into captivity, neither be disturbed by the intimidating presence of strange people with strange beliefs and practices.

Strong faith displays its strength and soars up to the highest degree during critical times. The saying goes; “The best comes after a test.”

(II) Powerful Voice

II Kings 5:4

-Cannot be ignored

-Influential words

There is always the tendency of having a feeling of inferiority when a man is surrounded and outnumbered by people who have powerful presence and strong words, but in the case of the little maid, she gained a good position to voice out her faith in the Lord. Her words had authority and were accepted with respect.

Many Christians today are muted by fears and insecurities of life. Worst of all, they are in the shelves of unfruitfulness because of their bad testimonies. They never gained a good position to soar up and grab opportunities to tell to the world about the Lord Jesus Christ.

(III) Great Fruits Of Faith

II Kings 5:5-15

-The leper’s healing

-God was honored greatly

-Namaan honored God’s servant

Men of faith really enjoy the fruits of their enduring faith in the Lord. They are worthy to see wonderful things beyond the horizon of life. Numberless enemies are being conquered by their strong faith. Their lives motivate and inspire believers and unbelievers to draw to the Lord and put their trust in Him. Their lives are blessed by the Lord and they become a blessing to many people.

Undoubtedly, the little maid transmitted a giant influence to the people of Syria. The great fruits of her faith became living trophies to be displayed for the glory of God.

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