Summary: Christmas is so big - that we lose sight of the small things used to accomplish Christ birth. So Christians ought to make themselves insignificant for Christmas. Why?

Little Things In The Christmas Story

Text. Luke 2:10-14


1. Christmas is the -

a. Largest single event of the year. (Incomparable)

b. Largest expense of the year.

Gifts, Travel, Telephone, Trees)

c. Largest expectation of the year.

Relatives, Engagements, Etc.)

d. Largest parties of the year.

(Office, Reunions, Dorm, Etc.)

2. Christmas is so big - that we lose sight of the small things used to accomplish Christ birth.

3. Christians ought to make themselves insignificant for Christmas. Why?

I. Because God Uses Insignificant People.

Think about it, all through the Word of God of the great ones that He has used.

A. Look At Mary The Mother Of Jesus.

Mary a simple, and a poor girl of Nazareth. She was not -

1. Fashionable, wealthy or learned

2. A High Priestess or Prophetess

3. from a Royal Family presently on the Throne.

4. A famous columnist "Dear Mary"

5. A star of stage and screen.

6. A Heroine in anyone’s eyes.

B. Look at the Step Father - Joseph

1. Not Wealthy.

2. Not Proud But Humble.

C. Look At The Shepherds.

The recipients of the Angelic Announcement of the birth.

The announcement did not come to -

1. No Kings or Potentates

2. No High Priest or Arch-bishop or Pope.

3. No Sanhedrin or Council

4. No League of Nations

5. Nor No Ecumenical Council

No but just to some small shepherds.

Just imagine with me for a few minutes these shepherds.

They where occupied with their ordinary task of the

day. There was nothing to suggest that this night was to be different from any other night.

Yet the extraordinary happened, in the midst of the night an Angel announced "Unto you is born this day in the city of David, a Savior, Who is Christ the Lord."

Then came a fitting climax to this announcement. There appeared a multitude of host praising God.

The shepherds went to verify the revelation of the Angels. Now before you condemn them for this act, the where actually following out the Word of God.

Scripture says to "prove all things, and hold

fast that which is good.

It is always when the angels have departed, that the real test of faith comes.

Many people see the Star, but never let it lead them to Christ.

After, There is always a return to life’s ordinary duties.

But as with the lives of these shepherds your life could never be the same again.

They would never forget this experience. You see, the real Christmas Day is when Christ is born into a mans heart. That day he will not forget like these shepherds.

D. Let’s look a little deeper at God’s Way.

Why He Used Insignificant People?

Turn to I Corinthians 1:29&30

1. David - Killed Goliath

2. Gideon - Defeated Medianites (Using only 300 Men)

3. Moses - Led Exodus

4. Little Maiden - Sent Naaman to Elisha

5. Little Lad - Gave bread and fish to fed the 5000

God uses insignificant people!

Another reason Christians ought to be insignificant themselves for Christmas is

II. Because God Uses Insignificant Places.

A. Look at the town of Bethlehem.

1. It was not a political center nor a Capitol.

2. It was not a great walled city.

3. It was not an international place

4. It was not a resort.

5. It was not a Disney World.

6. Why it was not even one of the seven wonders of the world.

B. Look at the insignificant places that God used for great events.

1. He used a Borrowed Room - for the Last Supper.

2. He used a Hillside - to fed 5000.

3. He used a Borrowed Tomb - for Jesus.

4. He used Dungeons - where many of the Epistles were written.

C. Look at the insignificant places that God used to get man’s attention.

1. A burning bush - Moses

2. A lonely field - Jacob wrestled

3. A wilderness - Gideon found the Lord’s will

4. Island of Patmos - Speaks to John.

We see another reason why Christians ought themselves to be insignificant for Christmas is -

III. Because God uses insignificant things.

A. The Manger

1. It was no place of beauty, no splendor or royalty.

2. It was no highly polished or sterile.

3. It was not even at a great medical research hospital.

B. Take for example the Swaddling Clothes

1. There was not a Royal Robe nor even a Crown for Jesus to wear.

2. There was no name-brand outfits for Him.

3. I guess in today’s society He would not have been one of the 10 topped dressed children in that day.

C. Look At Some Of God’s Ways of using Things.

1. 5 loves and 2 fishes - fed 5000

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