Summary: This is the 10th sermon in a series through 1 John. It deals with the attitude "I am saved by grace, why should I go through the trouble of living the Christian life?" We live a godly life because of God’s love for us.

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why should I love a Godly life? Though many of us would come right out and ask this question, I am sure many of us have spent considerable time wondering. In case you haven’t heard, living a God-honoring life isn’t easy. God is constantly calling us to step out of our comfort zone and enter into ministries that make our lives harder to live. Not to mention the guarantee that, once you step out in faith toward a life God has called you to, you are immediately hit with an attack by Satan and his demon forces. Certainly doesn’t make it any easier. Wouldn’t my life just be a lot easier if I just found a comfortable seat in church, sing some songs, toss some money in the plate and hear a nice sermon each Sunday? Maybe, if I feel daring, attend a church function during the week.

This passage is going to look at that question and answer in quite a simple way. We pursue a Godly life because of the love that God has given us. Let’s take a hard look at that love God has so abundantly express to us, His children and see if we can still continue to ask the question we asked earlier.

Our life is in response to His love for us.

A. The Love of God is truly immeasurable. (1a)

"How great is the love the Father has lavished on us . . ." NIV

1. God’s love is a love we don’t understand.

a.“How great,” from “potapos”

b.From the word, “pote” = “HUH?" (lit. Where? What?)

c.Ref. verses (Matt 8:27/ Luke 1:29)

2.It is a love of quantity and quality. (Romans 8:35-39)

i.It’s a love of immeasurable quantity. (John 3:16)

Explain that God is an infinite being. (I explained the greatness of the Universe. The size of the earth compared to sun, sun compared to galaxy, galaxy compared to universe. Makes us feel small, yet knowing that God is above it all.)

If God is so great above all the Universe, would the love of this God be just as great?

ii. It is a love of unbelievable quality. (Romans 8:35-29)

What can separate you from the love of Christ?

Question? What can separate you from the love of the world?

"I love him because he makes me laugh!" What happens when he stops making you laugh?

"I love her because she is so beautiful?" What happens when that beauty fades?

"I love him because he provides so well for our family." What happens when he gets laid off?

The love of the world is so very fickle.

The love of God withstands anything.


There was this ancient story about a wise man meditating by the river. In the process, he saw a scorpion crawled on the rocks falling on the water. Disturbed by this, he momentarily stopped what he was doing, and tried to save the poor creature from drowning itself. But, as he tried to save it, it defended itself with its venomous sting and caused him severe pains on his hands. Seeing the poor thing crawling back on the rocks he tried to go back to his meditation. However, he observed the scorpion back on the water and struggling for its life. So he halted his prayer and tried to save the arachnid from killing itself. Instinctively, the scorpion stung him once again with its tails and caused the poor man’s hand terrible pains.

As all of this happens, another man was observing from the top of a ridge. He yelled to the wise man, “You fool! Why do you keep on saving that creature only to harm you over and over again?” The wise man answered, “Don’t mind me my friend, though it is his nature to sting it is in no reason to change my nature to save.”

B. The love of God has erased the space between him and you. (1b)

1. Being a child of God cannot be taken for granted. (1b) “That’s what we are!”

2. Being a child of God associates us with our Father. (1c)

i. I want to be like my father!

ii. illus. Boy following the snow footprints of his father.

C. The love of God gives us a secure hope for our future. (2-3)

1. This hope tells us that God is not through with us, yet. (2a)

i. Illus elephant statute.

A sculptor began working on a new project using a block of marble. After months of labor, an associate walks in on the man as he completed a sculpture of a white elephant. He exclaimed, "How did you create such a beautiful work?" The artist response, "I merely chipped away everything that didn’t look like an elephant."

As God works in forming within us the image of His Son, we have to realize that the way He does this is by chipping away everything in your life that doesn’t look like Jesus Christ.

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