Summary: Three principles for securing God’s blessings on your life.


Text: Proverbs 3:5 – 10


· Title

· Bless doesn’t always mean health and wealth

· Bless doesn’t mean name it and claim it

· Bless doesn’t mean no problems

· Bless means that God will approve and bestow His favor upon you

· Some people think that people who live well are just lucky

· 3 principles for securing God’s blessings


A. Trust in the Lord (v. 5)

· Don’t hold anything back (v. 5)

· Your understanding is incomplete (v. 5)

· Diligence is necessary (v. 6)

· Result: God will guide you in your decision making (v. 6)

· Paul and Barnabas 1st missionary journey (Acts 13:1 – 4)

· Preparing a sermon = “Trust God as if everything depends on Him but work as if everything depends on me”

B. Fear the Lord (v. 7)

· It doesn’t matter what you think (v. 7)

· Do what He says (v. 7)

· Result: God will give you physical and spiritual health (v. 8)

· Daniel and 3 Hebrew children would not eat king’s meat (Daniel 1:14 – 16)

· Avoid alcohol = no brain damage, cirrhosis, accidents

C. Honor the Lord (v. 9)

· Everything you have was given to you to use for the Lord (v. 9)

· God deserves the first and best of what you have to offer (v. 9)

· Result: God will prosper you and provide what you need (v. 10)

· Widow of Zarephath and Elijah (1 Kings 17:15, 16)

· Stories of giving last dollar for the Lord’s work, and receiving check in the mail, enough to pay bills or buy food


· Want God to bless your life?

· God blesses those who trust Him, fear Him, and honor Him

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