Summary: The final week of the One Month To Live Series

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Living A No Regrets Life

One Month To Live (week 7)

QUESTION – does anyone here like to watch movies? DO – you have a top ten list? you have an all time favorite? NOW – my all time favorite movie came out in 1995 it was produced and directed by Mel Gibson who also starred in the title role. The movie - ‘Braveheart.’

The story is based on the life of William Wallace who lived in the late 1200’s.

In A.D. 1280 Edward I of England, known as "Longshanks," occupies much of Scotland, and his oppressive rule there leads to the deaths of William Wallace’s father and brother. AFTER – their death Wallace leaves Scotland to be rasied by His uncle. Years later, he returns and finds that his countrymen continue to live under the harsh thumb of Longshanks’. HOWEVER - Wallace is intent on simply living as a farmer and avoiding involvement in the ongoing "Troubles." HE – quickly rekindles a romance with his childhood friend Murron after showing her the carefully preserved flower she gave him as a child, and the two marry in secret. A little later on Wallace beats up a group of English soldiers attempting to rape her. IN RESPONSE - the village Sheriff publicly cuts Murron’s throat before Wallace is able to save her. Wallace is enraged – he returns to the village as if to surrender – BUT INSTEAD - with the assistance of his fellow villagers, slaughters the entire English garrison.

NOW – for years the Scots have been looking for a true leader, one whose motives are their freedom not self interests. AS – his legend spreads, hundreds of Scots from the surrounding clans volunteer to join Wallace’s militia. Wallace leads his army through a series of successful battles against the English, including the Battle of Stirling and sacking the city of York.

AS – the movie progresses Wallace experiences: victory and defeat – love and betrayl… A BETRAYL – that leads to him being brought to London to be tried for high treason.

I want to show a clip from that movie. Wallace is in prison awaiting his execution when Princess Isabelle comes to see Him…

“Every man dies. Not every man really lives.”

INCREDIBLE MOVIE… (yeah I know you want to go home and watch it again)… AND THOSE – words… MAN - they are so true. I MEAN – there are over 6 billion people who are living in this world right now… BUT - how many are alive? HOW MANY – are ‘really’ living?

AND LET’S – bring the question closer to home… THERE ARE – about 150 people in this room right now - who are living (150 hearts are beating, 150 bodies breathing in and out)… BUT – the question is, how many of us are really alive? HOW MANY OF US – are LIVING FULLY the life God created us to live? HOW MANY OF US – are actually experiencing the abundant life that Jesus bought for us on a blood stained cross 2000 years ago?

UNDERSTAND – God’s intention for us (His children… created in His image and recreated in His Christ) is LIFE! A life of:

• Inexpressible and glorious joy

• Peace beyond understanding

• Joy in the midst of hardship

• Hope that is living

• Perfect love that drives out ALL fear

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