Summary: this is a 5 part series on the abundant life

Living a Spirit Filled Life

John 10:10

10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

John 10:10

10 The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.


Intro: This morning I am going to be starting a series

“Living the Spirit Filled Life” Abundantly strongs definition, Webster’s definition amount more than enough. I believe with all of my heart that you can live Holy, I believe that we can have successful spirit filled lives Amen? Can I also tell you that God wants you to enjoy your life? If the enemy comes to steal your joy what does the Lord want to do? Restore your joy Amen? Through the next several weeks I want you to discover living a spirit filled life, as a Christian, as a church, as a family, at your jobs, and even at times of recreation for the bible says “in all things we are more than Conquers”. One of the greatest tools that churches, teachers and leaders have forgotten is discipleship. When we here the word disciple or discipleship we think a follower of Jesus, this is the definition of the word disciple, I want you to know this, that it is a lifestyle, how you conduct yourself in the community, who and how you influence people your attitude the list could go and on. Jesus is the greatest teacher of this lifestyle, out of all of the intelligent words spoken, all of the parables and teachings, the one thing that attracted crowds of people to Him was His Lifestyle. No matter what was said about Him, he maintained His lifestyle, no matter how hard He was tempted He maintained His lifestyle. God can as Christians today maintain and live a spirit filled life? The answer is Yes!! But to get us started there are a few key things.

It starts with

1. “A life of Prayer” Matthew 6:5-13

a. Jesus tells His disciples this then is how you should pray, and through the years this prayer has been a model prayer yet it has been made a religious requirement in many places. But I want to share with you 6 key principles about praying right these down

1. Start off with praise verse 9, praise and thanksgiving will get God’s attention

2. Pray God’s will Verse 10 Jesus set the example in the garden, there are some things that you may have to give up for the Lords will to be done. There are some people that no matter how long you have been friends with, you may not be able to associate with for the Lords will to be done. You still love them and you still pray for them, God is just taking to another level let God’s will be done.

3. Pray for strength & Needs Verse 11 Physical, financial, family, friends, church, pastor, strength to overcome, endurance to make it.

4. Pray for forgives and you forgive Verse 12

Matthew 6:14-15 unforgiveness will eat away at you on the inside and it will also block the blessing of God in your life.

5. Pray for protection Verse 13 plead the blood, ask for a covering a protective hedge

6. End with thanksgiving and praise Verse 13

the spirit filled life is a life pf prayer, these 6 principles in place you have covered everything, someone ask you to pray for them when you go to prayer whatever it was it falls in these 6 principles. Amen?

It is a life

2. Commitment Acts 2:42-47

Jesus was committed at an early age as they found Him as a child preaching in the temples, He was about His Fathers business. In Acts 2 we see here a level of commitment in several areas.

To God= a relationship

To the word= Study

To Prayer

To giving, tithing, sharing

To Praise & Worship

To Evangelism

It is a life of commitment in all of these areas, this is why it is important that we grab a hold of the concept that it is more than just words and sermons, it is more than just revivals and crusades it s a lifestyle, and for some it is a complete change of lifestyle, everything gets turned upside down and then the focus is off you. It is a life of prayer, it is a life commitment and finally it is a life of

3. Service

this life of service ties in with commitment, for you to serve you have to be committed to a church.

Why do I need to be a member of a church? Hoe many of you have read or looked at the purpose driven life?? Rick warren has some great things in there about the church if yo geta chance and you have the book go back and read the church a place to belong again. Why do I need to be a member of a church? now when I say member i do not mean you have signed the roll and have taken the class or shook the preachers hand, I mean you have found a place that you belong and can serve and use your strengths to build the bosy of Christ up

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