Summary: This sermon helps us a Christians to be able to have a life of victory. With these 4 steps we can move from victim to victor.


To live victorious, there is no self-help program but only a “God help me” program. James, the brother of Jesus, details 4 steps to help us to live as a victor and not a victim.

Step 1-Submission to God

· Submit means to yield or surrender oneself to the will or authority of another.

By honestly looking at your life, what or who are you submitted to?

· Areas of life we need to submit:

a. Spiritually

b. Mentally

c. Physically

d. Socially

e. Financially

· We are called to submit ourselves to God, all the time and everywhere.

Step 2-Resist the devil

· Resist means to keep from giving in or yielding to.

· Step one must be done before we can do step two.

· We can’t submit to God totally without resisting the devil fully.

· The result of resisting the devil is he will flee from you.

What area in your life are you not resisting the devil?

Step 3-Draw near to God

· We must understand that we can’t come to God just an old way, God has given us procedures to draw close to Him.

a. Worship

b. Prayer

c. Discipleship

· The result of us drawing near to God is He will draw near to us.

Step 4-Cleansing and purifying

· Cleanse means to make clean or free from dirt.

· Purify means to rid of foreign or objectionable elements.

· We are cleanse and purify the whole man.

a. Outward purity-cleanse your hands, ye sinners

b. Inward purity-purify your hearts, ye double minded.

· Double minded are people who divided the loyalty between God and the world.

Conclusion: God has given us the tools to be a victor in our spiritual and physical life but we must follow the steps. To omit one step is to continue to be the victim.

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