Summary: Learning key spiritual principles that will protect us against and preserve us in the storms of life.


Part 2: Disaster Readiness - Are We Prepared?


Seven Observations About Storms:

1. Storms are happening everywhere all over the earth.

All of us experience storms in life.

Someone somewhere is experiencing a storm of some sort even now!

2. Storms are a part of life.

No one is exempt from storms, (Even God-loving, God-fearing, God’s favorite Christians are not exempt!).

3. Storms can come and will come to us in all shapes and sizes.

Pacific Hurricanes or Typhoons are classified by the speed and intensity of the wind. It starts with a Category 1 type which has winds between 74 to 95 miles an hour and progresses up to a Category 5 type which is 156 miles an hour and over.

What size and shape hurricanes have you gone through?

4. Storms can either make us or break us, depending on how we


Trials, tragedies, and misfortunes can either be a stepping stone or a stumbling block for us depending on our heart’s response.

5. Storms expose areas of weakness or unpreparedness in our lives.

Trials, tragedies, and misfortunes expose our character to surface strength or weakness in our character. It is not when everything is going well that our true character is revealed but it is when things go wrong.

6. Storms can bring good to us, if we have the right attitude and if we prepare ourselves rightly.

7. Disaster can be overcome, if we prepare.

"Remember, Noah built the ark before it rained!"

What Is A Spiritual Storm?

Definition: A spiritual storm is a trial, tragedy, or misfortune.

The effects of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, were shattering and long-lasting. By August 31, 2005, Eighty percent of New Orleans was flooded with some parts of the city under 15 feet of water. Though ninety percent of southeast Louisiana residents were successfully evacuated, many who remained in their homes had to swim for their lives, wade through deep water, or remained trapped in their attics, or on their rooftops.

Some of the things that happened in Hurricane Katrina are prime lessons that teach us spiritual truths.

Disaster Readiness: Are We Prepared?

Protecting Ourselves In And Against Spiritual Storms

(Parallel Spiritual Truths from the Effects of Hurricane Katrina):

1 Storm Effect #1: Communication Failure

Coordination of rescue efforts were made difficult by the disruption of the communications infrastructure. Many telephones, including most cell phones, and Internet access were not working due to line breaks, destruction of base stations, or power failures.

Spiritual Discipline #1: Prayer

The first and most important line of protection in surviving a spiritual storm is building and maintaining a strong prayer life which is your primary communication line with the LORD.

Four Types of Prayer:

1) The Early Morning Prayer Time (Personal Secret Place)

Mark 1:35, Psalm 91:1

2) The Hour of Prayer (Corporate Prayer In the Temple)

Acts 3:1

3) The House Group Prayer (In Homes)

Acts 12:12

4) The Attitude of Prayer (24/7 Heart Prayer Hotline)

1 Thessalonians 5:17, Philippians 4:6

2 Storm Effect #2: Damage to Buildings

Tens of thousands of home as well as many businesses were significantly damaged with windows being blown out and roofs being blown off. Even the Superdome which was used as a last resort shelter sustained significant damage, with two major sections of its roof compromised and all of its waterproof membrane totally peeled away.

Spiritual Discipline #2: God’s Word

Building a strong spiritual life for yourself and your family requires building right, with the right. It involves using the right materials as well as putting it together in the right way.

The way we are to build our lives, our marriage, our children, our finances, our business, our friendships, is on the principles of the Scriptures.

Note what the Bible has to say about those who have the commonality of not only being a hearer but a doer of God’s Word:

1) The Wise Man - Matthew 7:24-27

2) The Unshakable Man - Luke 6:46-48

3) The Blessed Man - James 1:22-25

3 Storm Effect #3: Damage To Roads

Most of the major roads traveling in and out of the city were damaged and , thus, limiting a large number of people from escaping to safer ground.

Spiritual Discipline #3: Right Relationships

Good relationships can play a big role in helping us to find places of refuge during hard times. God did not make us to be an island by ourselves but rather, He created us to be a part of a family and community.

Connecting with others is vital surviving trials, tragedies, and misfortunes.

The Promises Of Being Joined In Unity With Others:

1) Power in Unity - Matthew 18:18-20

2) Bonding in unity - Ephesians 4:3

3) Blessing and Life in unity - Psalm 133:1-3

4 Storm Effect #4: Injury and Loss of Lives

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