Summary: Benefits of knowing God's Word

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Are you reaping the benefits that go along with being heirs to the Kingdom of God?

If you profess to be a Christian Disciple of Jesus Christ and you have fully surrendered your heart to God,

and you are obedient and walking in the path that leads to God,

then you should be experiencing and reaping the benefits that go along with your new life in Christ. Amen!

Do you even know what the benefits of being a true follower of Jesus are?

You would if you knew the Word.

You would if you had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

You would know all the benefits of being a disciple if you were a true disciple and were being led by the Holy Spirit.

The Bible teaches us that the most important relationship we can have is a relationship with God.

It also teaches that the highest level of knowledge we can obtain is the knowledge of God and God’s Will.

Let me ask you a question, If you suddenly had a heart attack right this moment and died -Would your soul go to heaven or hell?

Would you wake up in eternal joy or would you find yourself in eternal torment?

That’s a question we need to ask ourselves folks and if the answers scares you, maybe you need to pay close attention to what I’m going to say in the next 15 to 20 minutes.

Jeremiah 9:23-25

This is what the Lord says:

Let not the wise boast in their wisdom.

Or the strong boast of their strength,

or the rich boast of their riches:

But let those who boast boast about this,

That they understand and know Me,

That I am the Lord who exercises loving kindness,

Justice , and righteousness on earth.

For in these I delight.

What these words say to me is that ultimately it is only our knowledge of God and the understanding of His will that is important as we go through this life.

If we are going to boast then we need to be boasting about how well we know and understand God and his will because ultimately that is going to be the only thing that will be of great benefit to us.?

One thing I’ve come to realize is that some people think that just because they know of God it is the same as knowing God.

But there is a big difference in knowing of someone and knowing that person.

We all know of President Obama

But how many of us know him personally?

There is a big difference.

Our knowledge of God is crucial to our salvation because unless we come to know God personally we have not obtained salvation and the eternal life that all of us seek after. Amen.

We need to rejoice in the fact that God loves us and earnestly seeks to draw us into a relationship with Him.

That is the reason God speaks to us through His Holy word where he reveals himself to us and tells us how we can come to know him personally. He wants a relationship!

To know God personally is one of the greatest benefits I can think of for being a Christian!

And even though we can never know all there is to know about God, once you get to know Him you will find real joy in seeking after the knowledge of his will and even more joy when you follow his will.

Regardless of what ever state you find yourself, you will have more peace than you could ever imagine.

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