Summary: Because Christ courageously died for you, you must courageously live for Him.

I. Respond to your circumstances correctly! Ch 11-13

A. Complaining People

1. The people despised God’s provision (11:1-15).

2. God displayed mercy but judges (11:16-20).

B. Faithless Leaders

1. Sent to help Moses accomplish the will of God (13:21-25).

2. Returned to hinder Moses from accomplishing the will of God.

II. Consider your choices carefully Ch 14:1-10

A. Rebellion to God’s revealed will (1-4).

1. Rescued from persecution.

2. Receiving physical and spiritual provision.

3. Chose to rebel instead of obey.

B. Commitment to God’s revealed will (14:5-19).

1. Moses encourages the people to go (Deut 1:29-30).

2. Joshua and Caleb encourage the people to go (14:7-10).

3. Moses prays for intercession (14:11-19).

III. Choose your consequences successfully. Ch 14:11-45

A. Offending God with contemptuous living.

1. God mercifully continued to provide for His people.

2. God justly punished them (20-38).

B. Glorifying God with courageous and victorious living.

1. Be clear about your calling.

2. Be clear about the cost.

3. Be clear about the correct focus.

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