Summary: The 3rd in the series of firm foundations looking at Christian basics this one entitled Living God’s way.

Titus.2: 11-13. Living Gods way

Last week in firm foundations we looked at the fact that a Christian is trusting in God for salvation and that salvation is a result of the mercy and grace of God towards the individual, received through faith, as a gift.

In our 3rd message in the series we are going to be looking at the implications of this faith. Entitled ‘living Gods way.’

Here we have the ethical, implications to the Christians life. Salvation is the beginning of an ongoing transformation, which should be taking place right through our lives. Nobody can say they’ve arrived.

The message from the world the Rolling stones sang ‘I can’t get no satisfaction.’

The message from the Christian should be ‘I’ve found satisfaction.’

When someone becomes a Christian, that person is learning for the first time what he or she is made for knowing God.

The chief aim of man is to Glorify God and enjoy Him forever. To even consider going back to the old lifestyle would be a disaster it would mean slavery not freedom.

One of the most extraordinary transformations in nature is when a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. It is still the same creature but the change is profound.

Likewise 2Cor.5: 17. If anyone is in Christ they are a new creation

The blue print of this letter is all about right living that transformed life out in practice. In the opening chapter in the 1st verse he reveals that faith in Jesus Christ will lead to godliness. This is the theme right through this book ‘right living’

1:1-16. Leadership in the Church and the character and conduct of Elders.

2:1-15. Right living within the various groups within the Church

3: 1-15 Right living in society in general.

Titus is like the trouble shooter (ailing businesses) sent in to deal with internal problems.

A major problem within this Church was a circumcision group of Cretan Jews who were disturbing others v10-16 they were teaching lies and deceit lead inevitable this led to a corrupt behaviour.

Titus was sent to Crete to deal with this problem and other problems, but he doesn’t go in with all guns blazing like at the gunfight at the ok coral. This would be a long term project which would involve him v5 straighten out what was left unfinished and appoint elders in every town 1:13 rebuke sharply false teaching within the Church 2:1 teach sound doctrine and 2.7 and demonstrate godly living through word and example of his life

As Christians we all have a responsibility to conduct ourselves in a right manner: In leadership: Church fellowship: The wider community.

In verses 11-14 great theological passage which has a strong emphasis on the past, present and future elements of the salvation God has given us in Christ.

But the central thrust is on the impact v12 of this glorious appearing. There should be changes in our character brought about as a result of our salvation.

1. Because the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men.

Historical figures who have appeared and made an impact upon this world for good. All because their lives were transformed by a greater appearing!

The grace of God as appeared: Reference to the first coming of Christ his birth, life, ministry, death, resurrection and his ascension. The nature or essence of what has appeared is twofold it is gracious and historic

The grace of God appearing is a past historic objective fact of history which has brought about our salvation.

It also declares that Jesus Christ is the grace of God personified. In the giving of Jesus Christ something has been accomplished that no man can accomplish.

We are saved by grace and that grace is personified in the Lord Jesus Christ. Eph2:8, John .1:14.The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the Glory of the one and only, who came full of grace and truth.

appeared v11

The Greek word for appeared gives the picture of a sun rising, bursting forth unto a new day. The rising sun which the Japanese ignorantly worshiped is thus declared the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men

Luke 1:78 –79. Zechariah full of the Holy Spirit prophesies of the coming Messiah as the rising sun to rise on those living in darkness, to guide their feet onto the path of peace.

Ills: Family down a deep mine with a guide, who turns the light off to show the extent of darkness in the mine without light. A girl on the tour, begins to cry through the complete and utter darkness, her bother replies ‘don’t cry somebody here knows how to turn the lights on.

In a really sense this is a picture of what God has done in Jesus Christ as the sun of righteousness breaking forth into human history, penetrates the moral and spiritual darkness of the world. So even when the darkness seems so overwhelming there is still light available.

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