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Summary: From the story of Lazarus raising from the dead what do we learn about the resurrection life of jesus ?


(a) The seven miracles in John’s gospel are signs that point to particular spiritual truths about who Jesus is. Here He is the true life giver - Resurrection life.

(b) The Living Dead - Lazarus represents those spiritually dead though physically living (especially carnal Christians!!!)

See 1 Tim 5:6; Luke 15:24 (quickview)  and Romans 8:6 (quickview) .

They are slaves , in bondage (Romans 6:16 (quickview) ).


(i) Remove the stone (verse 39-42) - represents unbelief and hopelessness.

(ii) NOT.....

The right education, environment, envisioning, enforcement or encouragement...


The Right Empowering (Faith in Jesus) - Lazarus means ’God has helped’. (verse 43)

See Romans 8:1-2 (quickview) ,11

(iii) Take off the bandages! (verse 44 - ’Loose him, and let him go’)

Putting off the old man (requires help of others)- Ephesians 4:22 (quickview)  and Romans 6:6-11 (quickview) .


Lazarus could represent you , or those who God is calling you to reach out to! The living dead! Take these three steps and see His resurrection life come!

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