Summary: This is the 10th study in the study "Hope In The Darkness". This study looks at being prepared when Jesus returns.


1 Peter 5:1-14

As we finish our study in 1 Peter we are encouraged to live our lives in preparation for the return of Jesus Christ. God has left us here for a reason. We are to serve God by using the spiritual gifts and talents He has given us.

Our text gives us three ways to live in preparation for the coming of Jesus Christ. The first is to…

Be Faithful

1 Peter 5:1-7

God has gifted each believer with spiritual gifts. One of those gifts is the gift of prophesy or proclamation. This is part of what a pastor does. He preaches God’s Word while also attending to the congregation that God has put him before. God places each pastor right where He wants them and that minister is charged by God to do whatever He tells them to do. Churches are famous for being rough on their Pastoral Staff, but the Bible tells us here that it doesn’t matter what people do to us that we must simply serve faithfully and God will reward us when He is ready to do so.

Not only has God called some believers to pastor, but He has called believers to follow the pastor He has given them. Unless the pastor is doing something that is contrary to Scripture, the congregation is to trust that the pastor is following God’s leadership in all things.

We often have conferences and courses on how to be good leaders; but what God’s people need is some training in being good followers. Now I am not saying that the pastor is a dictator, but he has been placed there by God to lead God’s people. God’s people need to stop working so hard to become powerful in the congregation and start working hard serving God in the areas He has gifted them so that others will experience God’s power in their own lives.

When Jesus comes back we want Him to find us being faithful and…

Be Alert

1 Peter 5:8-9

As long as you are trying to be faithful, Satan will be doing whatever he can to destroy you. Don’t let your guard down, stay alert. Many times, we as believers act shocked when Satan attacks us. Some of the shock comes from the fact that Satan is so sneaky about it. If you are serving God, you will be attacked. Be alert and ready. Remember Satan can attack you, but he can never take your salvation from you. He can never destroy you forever.

When Jesus comes back we want Him to find us being faithful, being alert, and…

Be Ready

1 Peter 5:10-11

Jesus will come back for His Bride, The Church. Believers will be rewarded in Heaven and will live with God for all eternity. No matter what happens to us while we live here on this earth, our eternal rewards will still be there in Heaven. God will have the last Word. It may look like the devil is winning sometimes, but be assured, he loses.

Believers are to live in preparation for the day they stand before God. Be faithful, be alert, and be ready.

Just A Thought

If Jesus came today could you say you have fought the good fight and run a good race? Are you ready for Christ’s coming? If not, what do you need to become prepared?

Peter closed this letter with this…

1 Peter 5:12-14

Sunday Evening Bible Study

Series: Hope In The Darkness (Study In 1 Peter) #10

April 13, 2003

Bel Aire Baptist Church

Pastor Shawn Drake

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