Summary: This sermon is about being an aroma and letter of Christ to others.

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2Cor. 2:12-3:6

Intro.: In our NT reading Challenge last week we read this section of Scripture and when I read through our passage today, it really made me think.

Here the Door was opened (presumably by the Lord) and yet Paul had no Peace because Titus was not there, so he said good bye and set out to Macedonia.

How could God open the door and yet Paul had no Peace?

So I started to really think about this passage and study it. Here is some of the things I learned from this passage.

I. Vs. 12-13

- We need each Other, Paul needed Titus. Titus wasn’t there, he had no peace and left. That is why the Scriptures teach so many important lessons of “one Another”

- Go for the BEST, not just what is good. Here going to Troas was good, the people needed the Lord there too – but Macedonia was the Best. So often we settle for something good, even not good, The Lord wants you to Seek the BEST and His ways and blessings are the Best. Students – do your best at everything, even school.

- The Importance of Seeking God’s Peace in your life. Peace comes through the confirmation of God’s Word, confirmation of Others who are in Christ, the Fruit of the situation, the HS’s witness within. Ref. John 14:27, Phil. 4:7 Vs. 14 is a Promise we have!

II. Vs. 15-17; You are called to be the Aroma of God.

If you claim Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, then you are an Aroma of God to others. Simply put; do you smell good for God or do you stink?

To those who seek the opposite of God we will be the Aroma of Death

To those who know Christ we will be the Aroma of Life – John 10:10

How are you the Aroma of God to others?

III. Vs. 3:1-6 – You are called to be the Letter of Christ.

I.E. You are a Representative of Christ.

Know matter what you are always a representative of someone and something. You Rep. your Parents/Family! You Rep. your school? You Rep. San Diego! You Rep. this church!

ILL> In OK. Going to the store for my grandparents, I just told the store clerk I was the grandson of Mr. Rigney and the clerk let me take the groceries and put them on my grandfathers tab.

ILL. You are the Apple of God’s Eye – even in your imperfections, You are His Letter – You Rep. the Lord to others.

How? You are a Witness. You are His Child. You are His Friend. You are a Brother/Sister to Christ.

How are you the Letter of Christ to others? As the HS Transforms you within (Vs. 3b), you become His Letter that others are now reading!

Eph. 1:13-14


A. Bands on wrist; Live Strong, Live Large, Live Free.

I would say, Live Regret Free – Live for Christ!


- Commit yourself to Jesus as Savior and Lord.

- Let the HS transform you within.

- Seek the Best the Lord has for you.

- Don’t walk in life alone, He is with you and we need each other.

- Seek God’s Peace

- Live for Jesus, Be His Letter, Representative

B. The Letter from Christ to you.

Pass it out – Read it – Remember, when you leave this sanctuary today, You become the Letter of Christ to Others.

Close In Prayer

Dear Friend,

I just want you to know that you are very special to my Father and I. I know the great love relationship that we share and we want you to share in our love forever! I know everything about you: every thought, every deed, every desire, every joy, every sorrow, every secret . . . and still love you immensely!

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