Summary: We must stay as close as possible to the presence of God.

“Living On The Edge”

TEXT: John 5:1-11

I. At Certain Seasons

There are two Greek words for time. “Chronos” from which we get chronological. It equals calendar time or quantity of time.

In this passage however, the second word is used. “Kairos”. It deals with quality of time. Actual definition is “A divine appointment of God” or “a favorable time”. This word is used 168 times in the entire Bible. 168 times in the 1600 years it took for the Bible to be written.

The truth is that we can’t miss the kairos moments in our life. We must not miss the season of troubled waters. Who knows when the “time” the “kairos” will come back again. If we miss our kairos moment due to pettiness, pride, bitterness, anger, who know when another kairos moment will come. 168 times in 1600 years. We may only have one shot. See we don’t create the waves we only ride them. It is essential for us to become like the Sons of Issachar described in I Chronicles 12:32. The Bible says they were men who understood the times. We must become men and women who understand and perceive when a kairos moment is upon us.

Look at your neighbor and say it is time! (We are face to face with a kairos moment this morning will you perceive it or miss it?)

II. No One Can Get Your Blessing Or Revival For You = Verse 7

God has made each of us a free moral agent. In other words we must each

choose for ourselves. I can’t get revival for you. I can’t get blessed for you.

I might be a part of your blessing but you have to choose it and want it

yourself. If you set back and wait you will never get it. If you are waiting

on someone to package it just right and come and place it in your lap it will

never happen. If your waiting on your pastor to bring revival to you you will

be waiting forever. We have to get it for ourselves.

III. Others Are Not Going To Wait On You To Get Blessed. Therefore, You Can’t Wait On Them. = Verse 7

No since waiting on so and so to get right. No use waiting on your boyfriend

or girlfriend, your spouse, your neighbor, your parents, aunts or uncles before

you step into revival. You may say, “When Brother So and So straightens up” or “When Sister Such and Such gets in I will too.” “I am waiting on him

to dance or shout.” I have got news for you today I’m not going to wait on

you to get blessed. The other person isn’t going to wait on you to get blessed. When the opportunity presents itself I’m going for it and so should

you. Don’t wait. Get in while the waters are troubled.

Can you imagine the scene. It is a mad rush to get into the water when they

are troubled. The blind man hears the cry go up, “the waters are troubled.” So he begins to make a sprint to the water. But in his blindness he trips over the lame man’s cane. He turns and yells at the man but he is actually yelling at a man that seems to pay no attention. He is deaf. All the while the mute man is trying to direct traffic with sign language. A huge dog pile takes place at the pool’s edge and the blind man in anger turns his seeing eye dog loose on the mob.

Fighting to get in. Desperate for the move. There is truth here. Get up, get in or get out of the way. If you get in the way of revival, if you wait on someone else you may get trampled by desperate people. WE ARE COMING THRU. WE WON’T WAIT.

IV. Those Positioned Appropriately Got The Blessing = Verse 7

Who got the blessing when the water was troubled? Why after 38 years had

this man not been the first into the pool? Why after all this time had he not been the one to be healed? Why after being beaten time and time again into the water didn’t he position himself appropriately? Who got blessed and healed? Those who were close to the water. Why after 38 years wasn’t he on the edge of the water? I would have been hanging over the edge every day.

The word is this. . . Who is going to experience revival? Those who position

themselves appropriately. Where is the appropriate position? As close to the

water as possible. You can’t be a long ways off and expect to get in you have to get ready now. If revival hits and you have to begin preparing, praying, fasting you will miss the wave. Get ready! Position yourself! Get close, stay close! Camp out near the water. Don’t miss, don’t skip, don’t blink! Get ready, stay on the edge.

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