Summary: people who chose to live right in their generation

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Intro: now that Bradley has preached his first sermon and moved on to the State level, some people say that I better do good today because he is after my job. Some people said he can say more in five minutes than his dad can say in an hour. Fine arts was so much fun yesterday, and seeing all the youth who are serving the Lord gave me a thought for today’s sermon.

Not all the youth have gone bad, not all will join a gang or do drugs or be a statistic. Because there will always be those who will live right in a wrong living world.


Philippians 1:21

Throughout scripture we find people who lived right in a wrong living world. Today, we will look at the secret to living right and gaining heaven.

I. Joshua’s decision–Joshua 24:15–you choose what you are going to do, and who you are going to serve, but for me and my house we are serving the Lord. Living right in a wrong living world is a decision. Life comes down to one of two choices, you either are going to serve Jesus or you are going to serve the world. It is a choice that everyone has to make, you cannot straddle the fence, you can’t be lukewarm, this is an all or nothing decision. Joshua saw life in black and white, and told the people, his family was going to live right in a wrong living world.

II. A Fiery Declaration–Daniel 3:16-18 O King, we are not careful to give you an answer on this, because it is simply like this: our God can deliver us out of the fiery furnace or He can choose to let us burn in the fire. But either way we want you to know one thing, we aren’t bowing to this world.

How are you going to live right in a wrong living world, you have got to have a no matter what spirit. No matter what happens to me, I am not giving up on God, I am not serving this world. If things go good for me, fine, if they don’t, it is well with my soul.

III. An Elijah Discovery–I Kings 19:14-18–Elijah said, I am the only one left serving you, but in verse 18, God declares to Elijah, there are 7000 that will not bow down to Baal. Elijah learned that not every one was doing it, not everyone was living for the devil. How are you going to live right in a wrong living world, you need to realize, you are not the only one who will stand for God and stand for right. Maybe it seems that everyone has gone the way of Cain, but there still will be righteous Abel’s, there will still be those who are going to serve the Lord. Just like yesterday, we know that all over young people are messed up with drugs and gangs, etc. But there were 1500 this week, and 1000 last week, saying to the Devil and this world, we are going to offer our lives to God. For us to live is Christ to die is gain.

IV. A Peter Proclamation–John 6:66-69 from that time many of his followers went back and walked with him no more, he asked the twelve, will you leave me also? Peter said, to whom would we go, you have the words of life. We believe, we are sure, you are the Christ, the Son of the living God.

We have come to far to turn back now. Canaan is sweeter than Egypt. Freedom is better than slavery. We are looking for a city. You can live right in a wrong world by heading in the right direction. Peter said, there is no where to go but to the Lord.

We have come this far by faith, leaning on the Lord, trusting in his Holy Word, He’s never failed us yet,

no, no, no, won’t turn around, we’ve come this far by faith.

V. The Last Chapter Revelation–Revelation 22:17-20

The Spirit and the Bride say come, anyone who adds to these things, the plagues will be added to them, anyone who takes away from the words of this prophesy, their names will be taken out of the book of life, and out of the Holy city. He who testifies these things says, surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

The final way to live right in a wrong living world is to read the end of the book. Jesus wins, the devil loses. The saints go up, the sinners go down. Those that live right, will end up right, those that live wrong will end up wrong.

I would rather be with those crying Holy, Holy, Holy, then with the ones weeping, wailing and gnashing their teeth.

close: you can live right in a wrong living world.

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