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Summary: This sermon is meant to give guidance to Christians in how to truly live lives that display "Worth-Ship" to God.

2. The Burnt Offering was to be wholly consumed in ashes. It was the highest of gifts to God, representing total unreserved dedication of the offerer; body, soul, spirit and will to God. The burnt offering signified a total and complete sacrifice.

3. Throughout his life Abraham had been called on to make sacrificial offerings to the Lord.

4. His life of worship was characterized by significant burnt offerings to the Lord

a. First it was his father, now it is His only son

b. He had sacrificed the lush plains of the Jordan,

c. He sacrificed the gifts of the king of Sodom, then Ishmael.

5. Although the command was to sacrifice Isaac as an offering to the Lord, the real point was Abraham’s sacrifice of himself. He had to sacrifice

a. His Will, His Wisdom, His Ways.

6. Living the life of worship will cost you: It may cost you your…

a. Time - Talents

b. Relationships - Reputation

c. Past times – Possessions

d. Business - Body Romans 12:1 (quickview) 

e. Worldly Pleasures – Earthly Treasures

7. Illustrate: Sacrificial Gift and Losing Job in November 2002

8. The Worshipper of God is willing to pay the price with Joy because he knows that no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.

9. So we see, The life of worship is tried and tested, and it comes with a cost, but it also

C. The Life of Worship is Ordered by Obedience (v.3-4) - The life of worship requires obedience to God’s Word in spite of feelings, circumstances or consequences. It means holding on to God’s truth no matter how heavy the burden or how dark the day. This obedience requires a…

1. Speedy Response to the deity of God’s Word – “And Abraham rose up early in the morning.”

a. Abraham didn’t waste any time. Having received the word from God, he knew that despite His shortcomings in the past… He was to follow God’s word without delay.

b. He rose up early in the morning.

c. Illustrate: Irritation when the boys delay when I call.

2. Specific Reaction to the details of God’s Word:

a. Abraham left no details undone… all we see is specific movement… saddling, taking, cleaving, rising and going.

b. With this, the most intense of all the test that Abraham had faced, he moved without hesitation, nor did he leave any details undone.

c. He skipped the details once before where he knew that through his seed, all the families of the earth would be blessed, He simply didn’t know Sarah was to be the mother… Ishmael

d. His attention to the details, shows that he was willing to complete the task given him by the Lord

3. At this point in his life of worship, Abraham grew to love God by obeying Him wholeheartedly

4. So we see that the life of worship is ordered by obedience next we see…

D. The Life of Worship is Fueled by Faith (v. 5-10)

1. Faith requires us to live radically according to the Word of God.

2. He took God at His word… Despite the difficulty of what was before him, Abraham would not let go of the promises that God spoke to him that were yet to be fulfilled.

3. Hebrews 11:6 (quickview)  tells us that without faith, it is impossible to please God.

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