Summary: Series on Christian Stewardship This is s two part story written as the capstone of the series.

Sermon Title: Living the Simple Life

Place: Oakdale Wesleyan Church

Date: March 6, 2005

Subject: Living the Uncomplicated Life


Once upon a time their lived a wealthy prince. He was given everything his heart could desire. He was educated by the best scholars in private tutoring and he was skilled and trained by the best artisans of his day. His family’s kingdom stretched wide and far and the family’s wealth was beyond compare. This young lad had servants who helped him dress in the morning, who cooked each and every meal, who picked up his toys and made his bed. Every detail of his life was cared for and tended to quite nicely. From the time he awoke to the time he laid his head on the pillow he had servants at his every disposal and anything money could by was his to cherish and have.

As you can imagine a child raised in such a splendid environment can tend to become a little selfish and spoiled. The princes’ father and King discovered the extent to his young son’s condition when one day he found the prince screaming and yelling at the servants because his food was not just right. The King was greatly disturbed by the son’s action and sought the council of his beautiful queen. The two did not know what to do because the attitude of their son would surely bring the kingdom to ruin. They then sought the counsel of a wise and trusted friend. As the king and queen explained their misery with their son the friend suggested a course of action. The friend suggested that he be allowed to steal the prince away from his throne and away from all the riches the castle could afford and force him to live as a peasant would live. The king and queen were disturbed at the idea but after further frustrations decided to allow the friend to accomplish his plan.

One night as everyone was fast asleep in the castle the friend arranged to steel the prince from his quarters. Armed with some others they walked into the prince’s room and grabbed him from his royal bed. They placed him in a bag and carried him off to a far away land. They left only a note to the king and queen that their son would be returned only when he discovered the simple things in life that money could not buy.

They took the prince to a small village at the very furthest out posts of the kingdom. They placed him the hands of an old farmer and his wife who labored hard each and every day. The prince was awaken in his new surroundings by the sounds of a rooster crowing and cows mooing ready for their morning milking. The prince ran downstairs and demanded to be taken back to the castle. He exclaimed that he was the prince, the king’s son and no one could treat him this way. The old farmer and his wife just laughed at the idea that he could be a prince. They said they had purchased him as an extra servant to help around the farm, and then quickly told him to get dress and head out to the barn to start the morning chores. “I do not do chores!” exclaimed the prince. Well, the farmer told the young man, then we do not do food, and with that the old farmer walked out the door to leave the prince alone in the house.

For several days the prince demanded to be taken home and refused to help one bit on the farm. But the farmer didn’t give in either and refused to give the young man anything to eat. Eventually the prince’s stomach won out and he reluctantly headed out to the barn to help with the morning chores. Weak and tired form a lack of food the prince still worked as hard as he could. When the chores were finished he came into for breakfast and the farmer’s wife had made the best food the prince has ever tasted. It was only oatmeal, bread, and fruit, but when you are starving anything tastes like a feast fit for a king.

Over the next few weeks the young man became more accustomed to working in the barn and learning the ways of the farm. He still had his demands and still claimed to be a prince. But every time he would mention it the old farmer and his wife would just softly chuckle. Several months into this experiment the prince asked the farmer how he could live like this. You don’t have servants, you don’t have luxuries, you don’t have even the simpler things of life, and yet you and your wife seem so happy. The farmer began to see the soft teachable spirit of the young man finally coming to the surface. He told the young prince, tomorrow rise early, and help me complete the chores, and after breakfast I will take you on a journey.

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