Summary: A study of the nature of the river that will help us clarify the nature of Christian Living.

Scripture reading: John 7:38

Sermon structure: Analogical

Subject: Christian Living

Theme: Living with the river of Life


God is like a river. Imagine a river that begins high up in the mountains. The water sparkles as it makes its way down to the valley below. As the river flows through the valley it is strong and mighty; the river gives life to everything.

A city is built along the river. The people living in the city are thankful for the river; it satisfies their thirst and waters their crops giving them an abundance of food. Gradually the city grew and developed. People built docks and parks along the river. Some people developed a waterwheel to harness the power of the river. Bridges were built to expand the city to both sides of the river. Rivers are essential in our world.

Proposition: A study of the river will help to clarify the nature of Christian Living.

John 7:38 “Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him."

I. As the river has its riverhead as it flows to the ocean, so the Christian has its source which is God when he lives his Christian life in this world.

A river has its riverhead or its source where it comes from. Some rivers stretched out for more that tens, hundredths, thousands of kilometers. A long way as you can see but it connects to the riverhead. From the riverhead to the river mouth they have connection to each other. No river that was made that has no source of its water. All comes from the wonder of the works of the Creator. When the water starts to flow it doesn’t cease, because it has its source.

Many Christians today are not aware of their source of where their strength, hope, and faith comes from. God is the source, in Rev 22:1 “And he showed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding from the throne of God and of the Lamb”. But God’s faithfulness is unending, it never stop because men are ungodly, no, it doesn’t depends on how men live their live unto His sight. One thing is certain, God’s faithfulness never cease. He wanted all men to have the chance to know His son Jesus Christ in their lives, because in Christ there is living water in Him, where no man who drink the water of life will ever be thirsty again. But for us Christian, we have receive the freely given son Jesus Christ, we have the source in which we live with relationship with our source – the Father. It is God’s will to be our source because He knows that this world we are living was corrupted by sin. He assures us that in Him, we will be able to withstand the works of the enemies. That’s how faithful God is to us. He always asks this question “will you accept me as your Lord and savior?” God wants us to “get into” the River. River of life in eternity. He wants us to “get into” Him. He wants us to “go hard after Him” day by day. The River is the “Moving of/with/to God”... the “Healing of God” to this wretched world, full of sins...the rivers is the “Power of God”, the “Life of God”, the “Glory of God” and the “Peace of God”. I only ask one thing for us today, are you willing to know and receive or let the river of life flow in you through Jesus Christ as the Source? Do you want the work of God into your lives? Then let him work into your lives.

II. As the river is flowing from the riverbed as nourishment to the area, so the Christian should become the channel of God’s forgiving, healing and Love as he Live his Christian life in this world.

God’s Spirit has been with us since the beginning of time and when we believe Jesus Christ, from that day on till the world ends, it starts his work to us in different ways. The river will not be made without the riverbed. Riverbed means “channel of river”, usually water-covered ground between the banks of a river. It is where the water flow to its destination, bringing nourishment to all that is in its path. The riverbed is used to distribute the waters substances to enrich the whole riverbanks.

In Psalm 46:4 “There is a river whose streams shall make glad the city of God, The holy place of the tabernacle of the Most High”. Men are also given privileges to become the channel of GOD’S Spirit; forgiveness, healing and love. The Spirit of forgiveness is a blessing, but others did not take this opportunity and wasted their life for nothing. God forgave us through the works of Jesus Christ on the cross, the shedding of his blood- the redemption of our sins. It is through the Holy Spirit that keeps us sanctified throughout our days here on earth. God’s healing is working on us, he was done with our spiritual health at the Cross of Calvary. And unto our physical sicknesses, and emotional, God is intervening in our behalf, thought we do not see his mysterious ways of helping us to be healed in all our weaknesses, God’s faithfulness endures. Of love, the river could not stop the reality that his waters in helps the surrounding area of the riverbanks develop, nourished, and enrich with minerals that helps the environment healthy. It just like the faithfulness, mercy and grace of God that he could not stop it because that is who he was. He is like the river that keeps on flowing and never stops. We Christians could be a channel of these 3 things. We could bring hope to all men when we will share this Jesus that we have known. We are liken to a riverbed-a channel of God’s Spirit to the unbelievers.

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