Summary: Thank you Lord for your long-suffering patience for me!

So far in the book of Exodus, we have already noted that through Moses and Aaron, God told Pharaoh the King of Egypt to let God’s People go at least 6 times!

We will note this morning that God asked Pharaoh again 2 times to let God’s People go in Exodus 9; please open your Bibles there as Tim Jaenchen will come up and read for us…..

Let us highlight what happened and note a few things from Exodus 9….

v1: God asked Pharaoh again (this is about the 7th time) to let the Israelites go.

v2-4: a terrible plague on Egyptian livestock would come if Pharaoh refused God’s request

What can we note from v5-6?

God set a time when the plague would come and God already knew that Pharaoh would again disobey! God can give life like He did with dust to gnats but God also has power to take life away. The plague was set for a purpose!

v7: Pharaoh experienced the plague but he wanted to make sure if the Israelites were spared, and they were, but yet, Pharaoh was still fighting God!

And so, what would you say is significant about what God did in v8-11??

God, this time, did not give a warning to Pharaoh of the plague of festering boils on people and animals in Egypt but God made sure it happened in the presence of Pharaoh. There was consequence to Pharaoh’s disobedience to God.

v12: Pharaoh continued to disobey God! Let us note that Pharaoh has refused God’s request at least six times now!

And so, we note God’s patience but we will note now God getting close to final judgment on Pharaoh and Egypt.

v13: God warns Pharaoh again (about the 7th time) to let Israel go!

v14: God will send full force of His plagues for what purpose??

Again, God’s desire is for all people to believe in Him, the Only Creator God! Note also v16!

Verse 15 is the key verse for us today! V15……

If we combine v14 with v15, what was God trying to tell the Egyptians??

v14-15: God is long suffering in His patience!! And since God’s Word is eternal and all good for teaching, this truth is for us as well!

v17-19? This time God gives a solution to the coming plague of death! Keep everything inside for protection!

v20: Some of Pharaoh’s Officials listened to God!!

v21-25: God’s plague of hail killed everyone in Egypt who were outside!

v26: God did not bring hail in Goshen where the Israelites lived!

God’s hail brought judgment of death while God protected His people. God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. God is patient but He will bring judgement to those who disobey but will protect His people. I hope you know for sure that you are one of God’s people! God tells us in the New Testament that Scriptures have been written so that you will know you have eternal life. Memorize and believe in John 3:16! Let’s say it together; For God so love the world…….

And so, we finally see a glimpse of hope from Pharaoh in v27-29! What were the right things that Pharaoh did??

v27: Pharaoh confessed that he and his people have sinned against God!

v28: Pharaoh asked for prayer to the Lord about relief and he will obey God!

v29: Moses said he would pray and was assured that the prayer would be answered!

Let us note that this is the same Pharaoh who disobeyed God at least 7 times!

Pharaoh may have done the right things in v27-28. What was the big problem in v30??

Pharaoh and his officials still did not fear God! The biggest problem with Pharaoh was not being humble before the Lord!

Now, why do we have v31-32? – God gives us a timeframe and His mercy! Again, God could have destroyed everything!

And so because, Pharaoh did not humble himself before God and likely noted that they could still survive with food (wheat was spared)! Let’s note Pharaoh’s confessions in relation to his heart (his mind and mouth did not match with is heart!)

v34-35: Pharaoh again continued to disobey God!

What Biblical Principles can we apply to our lives today?

1. God will judge the ungodly with power but on His perfect schedule! In spite of what we think should happen, we must trust God’s schedule! We must take action on what God is directly telling us in the present and leave the future to Him! God has a perfect schedule, no matter what is going on right now!

2. God will always present His mercy! We must always look for God’s mercy in every situation. Because Jesus Christ died already for people’s sins, there is on-going mercy for everyone till they die or Jesus returns to earth to judge the living and the dead.

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