Summary: 1 of 4. Jesus invited His audience to accept Him as the Light that everyone/all should follow. Jesus is the Light that all should follow. But Why? 4 longings worthy of being followed...A Longing to be followed, fulfills the need for...

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VBS Theme this week: ‘Following Jesus, The Light of the world.’

There are many things we long for...

Things that may or may not be Christ honoring, such as...

Personal recognition, Power over others, Overly expensive vehicle(s), Expansive house(s) & lands, Personal comfort, Statement clothing, Fine clothing, Prejudicial relationships, ...

When the brilliant undiminished light of Christ shines upon your longings, what is actually revealed about them...about your own heart?

Jesus invited His audience to accept Him as the Light that everyone/all should follow.

Jesus is the Light that all should follow.

What should we follow?


Why should we follow Jesus?

4 longings worthy of being followed...

4 longings to follow...

1—A Longing to be followed, fulfills the need for...



8:12—“Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.””

This statement to “them” 'could' & 'most probably' refer to Jesus’ previous day’s(See 8:1-2) invitation to come to Him & drink(7:37-38). That verse sets 8:12 within the context of the Feast of Tabernacles(cf.—7:2).

“Them” 'could' also involve, or refer to exactly, His most recent conversation as the teacher of the people in the temple(8:2).

“Them” 'could' also refer to His encounter with the scribes & Pharisees regarding the woman caught in adultery(8:3-9). In that encounter, the scribes & Pharisees had approached Jesus as He taught the people, so the people evidently were still there to witness the humbling of the scribes & Pharisees who had come to test Him(:6).

Jesus speaks “to them,” but He speaks to them “again.” Thus He had spoken to them previously regarding certain truths(particularly as it relates to Himself).

The truth must be restated to us in both the same terms as well as in other terms. We need this for the sake of clarity & as reminders.

“Spoke”—Aorist Active Indicative 3rd Sing.—1) To utter a voice or emit a sound; 2) To speak—2a) To use the tongue or the faculty of speech, 2b) To utter articulate sounds; 3) To talk; 4) To utter, tell; 5) To use words in order to declare one's mind & disclose one's thoughts—5a) To speak. Strong—a prolonged form of an otherwise obsolete verb; To talk, i.e. Utter words.

“Again”—palin—Adverb—1) Anew, again—1a) Renewal or repetition of the action, 1b) Again, anew; 2) Again, i.e. further, moreover; 3) In turn, on the other hand. Strong—probably from the same as palh(through the idea of oscillatory repetition); adverbially--Anew, i.e. of place--Back, of time--Once more, or conjunctionally--Furthermore or on the other hand.

“Saying”—legw—Present Active Participle Nominative Sing. Masc.—1) To say, to speak—1a) Affirm over, maintain, 1b) To teach, 1c) To exhort, advise, to command, direct, 1d) To point out with words, intend, mean, mean to say, 1e) To call by name, to call, name, 1f) To speak out, speak of, mention. Strong—a primary verb; properly--To "lay" forth, i.e. figuratively--Relate (in words) by implication--To mean.

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