Summary: After the Great White Throne Judgment we have this promise from the Lord that He will make all things new.

Look at what’s New

Rev. 21:1-8

The word new is often spoken with excitement such as having a new car, home or whatever it may be.

See: Vs.5 Behold, I make all things new

In this chapter we read of some things that are made new

See: Rev. 21:1

1. A New Heaven and New Earth

“The first heaven and the first earth were passed away”

The word here is referring to absolutely or completely new because we are told the first heaven and earth were passed away.

References: Isaiah 65:17, 66:22 and 2 Peter 3:10-12 are other passages speaking about a new heaven and new earth and linked to the millennial passages, but this is often common in scripture with other distant events such as the resurrection

Heaven: here is a reference to the first heaven (the earth’s atmosphere) and not where God dwells.

Point: It is clear after a careful study of the scripture that this new heaven and new earth will be done after the millennial reign of Christ.

“There was no more sea”

Psalms 72:8, Isa. 11:9 and Zech. 14:8 passages on the millennial reign all mentions seas.

The new heaven and earth here is created in an eternal state and will always be.

2. A New Jerusalem

Vs.2 And I saw the holy city, New Jerusalem…

• Its Place of Departure

“Coming down from God out of heaven” here heaven is the abode of God

See: Rev. 3:12 The city of God, which is the new Jerusalem

See: Hebrews 11:16 Perhaps this is the city desired of by the Old Testament Saints

Mention: John 14:2 I go and prepare a place for you

Point: We are not talking about here the renovating of the heaven, earth or Jerusalem but absolutely new.

The phrase “prepared for as a bride adorned for her husband” speaks of an eternal state also.

See: Rev. 21:3 God Himself shall be with them and be their God

There will be a lot of emotions at this time for the people of God and we are told in Vs.4 God will wipe away tears from their eyes, there will be no more death, neither sorrow…

“For the former things are passed away”

I believe after witnessing the Great white throne judgment there will not be a dry eye around the throne.

See: Isaiah 66:22-24 It appears that hell will be uncovered and there will be an abhorring unto all flesh.

3. A New Life

Vs.6 It is done

On the cross it was He Jesus the Christ the said “It is finish” and now here He says “it is done”.

There will not an opportunity to be saved! But thank God there is today.

See: Rev. 21:7-8 I will give unto him that athirst of the fountain of water of life freely

Notice the contrast between these two verses that describes the fate of all of mankind.

Vs.7 speaks of those are overcomers

See: Rev. 3:5 they have the security of never being blotted out of the book of life.

Mention: Rev. 12:11 They overcame by the blood of Lamb

Vs.8 But…

This verse probably is the best verse in the Bible to define sin and its consequences.

I wonder which verse pertain to you that are present?

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