Summary: This sermon presents the fact that Christ’s presence is always with us even when we are suffering, sorrowing, sad, stranded or selfish.

Look Who’s Here!

Aim: To show how the Risen Lord is there in times of our need.

Text: John 21:1-19

Introduction: Two weeks have passed by since the resurrection. Jesus has appeared unto His disciple twice, and now they have been sitting around waiting for something to happen and nothings happening. For some people that amounts to torture. Some folks always have to be doing, some folks always have to be in the thick of things. The apostle Peter was that way. Weary of waiting he announces to his fellow disciple “I go a fishing.” And you know what in all seven of them did just that, Peter, Thomas, Nathaniel, James, John and two others, possibly Andrew and Philip.

It seems that Peter had become thoroughly disconsolate and very restless, and that’s why he said to the other six disciples, “ Look here, I can’t idle any longer, I’m going to get the old boat out?” Was Peter going back to his old trade? Or was it by now perhaps that by now their slender resources were nearly gone, and Peter thinking that it was an ideal night for fishing, said, “ I’m going to get the old boat out.” This man who had been appointed by the Lord Jesus to be a fisher of men went back to being a fisherman. ( Lk 5:10 ) So they went fishing. It says, “ they entered into a ship,” but it is really, the old boat …. that’s the implication, the old boat, Peter’s boat. It was a poor show! They went over the waters of Galilee all night long and they took absolutely nothing. “But when the morning was come Jesus stood on the shore.” It’s always morning when Jesus stands on the shore.

Just over a hundred yards away from the shore, in the dim light of the breaking day, they discerned a figure on the beach, and a voice came across the water, “Have you any meat … What did you catch… boys, any food?” Often people would come down early to the seashore to buy fish for the markets when the boats were coming in. The disciples did not waste many words on this stranger. Each heart knew its own bitterness. They were pretty irritable and disgruntled. “ No.” Then the voice came again from the beach, “cast the net on the right side ….,” ( 21:6 ) Immediately, it tugged and strained and there was a record haul of fish for them. Then John looking at the figure on the beach grabs Peter by the arm and says, “ Look who is here, it is the Lord.” Well, John had beaten Peter to the grave on resurrection morning, but Peter is determined that John shall not reach the Lord first this time, so he throws himself into the lake and starts swimming toward shore. By that act, he is saying, “John, you and the rest can have all the fish. I have lost all interest in them, I want to get to the Lord just as fast as I possibly can.” So the rest of the men brought in the ship with its load.

Tonight I want to speak to you on the subject, “ Look Who is Here.”

Those words usually express or signify surprise. They are usually followed with the words, “I never expected to see you,” or “ I can’t believe it is you.” Surely that’s how John and Peter must have felt that morning? “Look Who is Here, It is the Lord.”

I wonder do we see the Lord in the circumstances of our lives?

I. When We Are Suffering, Look Who’s Here!

A. Come with me to Daniel 3:1-23.

1. We know this story all too well, and what a lesson in ciath and courage it is to us.

2. But let us understand the fire was very real to them!

3. Although we read the word of S, M & A as being boldly spoken, I do not think we should underestimate the apprehension and the fear that must have been in their hearts when they spoke first with the king, and then were clothed and bound ready for the burning.

4. These men anticipated suffering – they were prepared for it, they hoped God might spare them, but they were ready to be martyred if necessary.

a. They said, “If it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and he will deliver us out of thine hand, O king. But if not, (they anticipated the possibility of burning) be it known unto thee, O king, that we will not serve thy gods, nor worship the golden image which thou hast set up.

B. We can only begin to imagine their terror as the bellows fanned the flame, and the heat became increasingly intense.

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