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Summary: Jesus never had a residence here in his ministry. The foxes have holes, the birds nests, but the Son of Man hath not where to lay his head. Even today he is looking for a place to abide... will you provide him a dwelling?

From the Desk of Pastor Toby Powers

Truth Baptist Church

Bremen, GA

The Son of Man Hath No Place to Lay His Head

Matthew 8:20

Intro: In this passage of Scripture a man has approached the Lord asking to go with him. He told Jesus he would follow him wherever he would go. Jesus explained to this man that following him was not as simple as it seemed, for he had no place to call home. He had nowhere for the man to follow him to. This shows us a few things about Christ:

1. Humanity: Jesus speaks concerning laying his head in sleep. Jesus was a man and did get tired.

2. Humility: He could have called for great wealth or luxury, but he subjected himself to poverty that he might know what road that we travel. II Cor 8:9 “For ye know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that, though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, that ye through his poverty might be rich.”

3. Harmony: He says this not by way of complaint, but he rather seems to be in harmony with his current position. He was resigned to his purpose on earth. He was satisfied to fulfill the will of God.

In this passage he shows himself as unable to entertain others seeing that he, himself was in need of a place to dwell. This is a position that Jesus was in often on earth.

I. There Was No Rest: Our text intimates that Jesus would seek rest, but had no place...

A. He Could Not Rest Because of the Famished: Matthew 14, John the Baptist is beheaded. When the disciples heard of it they departed into a desert place in order to be alone and rest from the persecution and weights of the ministry. A crowd, however followed them, and Jesus was moved with compassion to teach them. The Apostles tried to make them leave at supper time, but Jesus fed them.

B. He Could Not Rest Because of the Faithless: Matthew 8, he preached all day and started across the sea. A storm shook the boat, yet Jesus slept in the hinder part of the ship. The apostles woke him in fear. He calmed the sea, and he rebuked them for their lack of faith.

C. He Could Not Rest Because Of False Accusation: Matthew 26, the disciples slept when Jesus asked them to pray in the garden, but when Jesus was arrested, he was tried overnight, and he was crucified the nest day. In misery and exhaustion he carried the cross to which he had been sentenced by the word of false accusation. In exhaustion he died for you and me.

II. There Was No Resource: He had no money. He learned a trade, but he forsook it to work to save us. There were no resources when:

A. He was Hungry: Mark 2:23, they hungered on the Sabbath day, and they picked corn eating it raw. He fed others, yet he subjected himself to hunger

B. He was taxed: Matthew 17, the tax collectors sought funds, but they had to catch a fish.

C. When he needed a place to live: our text. He never bought anything on earth. He always borrowed everything that he needed. He borrowed a womb to be born in, he borrowed a bed to sleep in, he borrowed a cross to die on and a tomb in which to lie. The only thing Jesus ever bought on earth is you and me.

III. There Was No Room: Our text intimates that there was no room for him. In the Inn Luke 2:7, The town was so busy with tax time that there was no place for Christ. There were guests more important than him. Many today have had Jesus knock on their heart’s doors, but other guests deemed more important have already filled the vacancy. It is filled with:

A. Rebellion: Some just have the “I wanna do it my way” syndrome.

B. Recreation: When the king called for attendance at the great supper (Luke 14) they made excuses. One bought ground, one married a wife, another bought oxen, all were left out of the supper. People are so pre-occupied with stuff today that they have no room for Jesus!

C. Religion: Luke 18, Rich young ruler

Conclusion: Jesus is still looking for a place to lay his head. He still desires a place of abode. Do you have room? Would he be welcome in your heart and in your home?

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Fred Willis

commented on Sep 29, 2006

What a sermon! I surely want to make my home available to him.

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