Summary: A message to encourage the saints of God

Sunday June 26,2005

Dickerson Road Baptist Church

Morning Worship

Colossians 1

The Christian life is often obstructed with obsticals spiritual and physical. Unless we return to the place of hope which is found in ministering to others in the name of Jesus, we will surely live a life of unmerited torment because of a sinking feeling, that we could have done more and yet we stopped short of God’s directive for our lives. The apostles Paul did not have to deal with the sense of failing to move forward when God sent him to minister to the Gentiles. The church at Colosse was in need of something to hope for, and Paul did not disappoint.

I. What They Had vs 4.

-Faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior. They could have ahd other things but this was paramount in the church’s purpose and existence. In vs 2. We see they have peace hope and love, a similar triad ato 1 cor 13;1.

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