Summary: Spiritual Examination is taking a real look within ourselves before the Lord.

Today, we will take a different approach to the message. Allow me to break down one of Michael Jackson’s popular songs that gives reference to these scriptures this morning: A Man in the Mirror

I’m gonna make a change, For once in my life, It’s gonna feel real good

Gonna make a difference, Gonna make it right

As we see in the Lyrics, it opens with “I’m Gonna Make A Change” As we take a moment to think of our individual life’s journey there comes a time, we need to take a deep look at where we are and what we do. Which is simply examining ourselves and asking the question am I doing my best to serve The Lord? This question is extremely valuable for our Christian walk. Are you Ready for a REAL CHANGE?

Just the first verse of this song makes it clear that looking in the Mirror is what we all need to do. This brings me to my key points in this message in James 1:23 Understand James is asking us if we are just hearers of the word of God or are truly doers of God’s mighty word. See many are just hearers and what I mean by that statement is that to say I am saved simply is not going to guarantee you an entrance into God’s kingdom. We must build our Christian character on the Rock of our Salvation, Christ Jesus. Consider the word Christian as a part of Christ, for the first part of the word elevates our Savior. This is why we must remove selfishness from ourselves and not just look in the physical Mirror but search deep in the spiritual Mirror for the true Change to come forth in our Christian walk.

See in the word of God; many scriptures reference this spiritual Mirror in Matthew 7:27-28 where Jesus himself advises us to build a solid foundation for him. Especially in Matthew 25:34-40 in this passage, Jesus illustrates that if you do this, You will be rewarded for your actions to those in need. Also, in Jeremiah 44:15-17 when the people of Israel again worshipped other Gods before our Mighty God caused a great curse upon the people. As we look in this spiritual Mirror, we must realize that placing people and things before our Lord is a great sin against God for Exodus 20:3 Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Let me be clear: We must prioritize God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost first in our daily lives, for he is the supplier of all our needs, then family, work, and things in that order. Seeing this view in the Mirror sometimes is not pretty it is ugly, for it displays our true selves before The Lord... But guess what is so remarkable about this view is that The Mirror before our God cleans us up and reshapes us into his image over and over again.

Understand that in Psalms 51:1-10 where David seeked God to cleanse him of the sins that he had done unto others and the God we serve was so kind to cleanse him. Just think about it. If all would look at our lives, there are some things we are not proud of, some actions we wonder if given a chance to relive that moment we change our actions and some things we have said that hurt someone which has broken up families and friendships for centuries. In the old hymn “Give Me a Clean Heart,” those words are so true. For we are not worthy, yet we seek God to remove the things from us that are not a representation of him. Let me take you to another old hymn, Amazing Grace, that saved a wrench like me. See, these are the ones we sing so often it is at that moment we are looking in the spiritual Mirror. As we look, we see the old melt away, and a fresh anointing takes over and lifts our burdens away.

Nevertheless, my brothers and sisters, it is time to get in front of the MIRROR and Seek God for your Change to come. Allow us to journey to ones before us who looked in the Mirror and created a worldwide positive reaction, such as Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Medgar Evers, Rosa Parks, John F Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and President Barack Obama. See, these leaders just stood for Justice and Freedom for all mankind.

Therefore, we have to be bold Christians, for The Lord understands that just as Jesus fulfilled the needs of others before himself, we must do the same. Understand that with Jesus as your anchor in your life, he brings about a mighty change with power. As we view the spiritual Mirror, the man in the Mirror is changing under the name of Jesus. When we start with the man in the Mirror, we can begin to make a powerful worldwide change by living our lives unto our Father in Heaven. By putting the whole armor of God and the new cleansing he has given you by him simply forgiving all sins and washing you white as snow under his son’s blood that was shed on Calvary.

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