Summary: As disciples of Christ, our prayer should be that He would give us His eyes – eyes that pierce through the hardened heart; eyes that see the good beyond the sin’s ugly stain; eyes that see beyond lives ruined by iniquity into the restoration brought by Ca

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Intro: Just what did Jesus see with the multitudes that followed Him? Jesus saw faces, lives, situations, struggles, and hurts. It’s not hard to imagine that every kind of person had to be in that crowd of thousands, the – proud, hurting, rejected, bitter, great, small, jobless, workaholics, alcoholics, wife-beaters, adulterers, gays, cheaters, embezzlers, religious hypocrites, thieves, whores, liars, etc. You name it, and in all probability it is there!

Unlike us, Jesus truly knows and sees all things – our fears, failures, needs, heartaches, burdens, and infirmities. He hears every conversation. He knows our hopes, dreams, and even our deep, dark secrets – Everything! And what does Jesus do?

Jesus brought compassion not judgment. He guided and not scolded the people. He saw past the peoples’ sins and into their needs – both physical and spiritual. Yes, Jesus sees and cares!


A. In vv.1-2, we would have seen just a paralyzed man, but Jesus saw the faith of those who lowered him into the room. We would have seen a man in need of physical healing, but Jesus saw a man desiring forgiveness. Jesus saw the unspoken repentance!

B. In vv.3-8, we would not have noticed anything about the scribes, but Jesus observed their evil thoughts and murmuring!

C. In v.9, we would have seen a hated political traitor to our country and people, but Jesus saw a new disciple in Matthew!

D. In vv.10-13, we would have seen what the Pharisees saw – Jesus eating with a bunch of sinners; but Jesus really saw them as spiritually sick, and was mercifully leading them to repentance!

E. In vv.20-22, we would have seen an unclean woman touching our Master; but Jesus saw her secret sickness and her faith to be made well – the touch of faith, not just a casual one!

F. In vv.23-25, we would have seen a cold, pale and dead girl, but Jesus saw her as just asleep and needing to be awakened!

G. In v.36, we would have seen the crowds pestering our Lord, and hoping they would go away so we could spend some “quality time” with Him but, then again, Jesus saw them as poor and scattered sheep and was moved with compassion towards them!


A. We need to change and break out of our narrow, limited, selfish vision and get involved with the people around us.

B. See Luke 7:44-50. The sight before Simon’s eyes was too much to take in. A notorious sinful woman was anointing Jesus with oil. Simon the Pharisee could not help but pass judgment both on Christ and the woman!

C. Jesus’ sharp question revealed Simon’s self-righteous spirit. “Seest thou this woman?” Jesus seemed to say, “Are we even looking at the same woman?” Then Jesus gave reasons why the sinful woman was really in a better spiritual position than Simon!

D. Simon kept all the religious rules and regulations, but the sinful woman had come by faith to Christ in true worship and devotion (John 4:23; Heb. 11:6). Jesus saw her heart.

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