Summary: In our text, the Bible says that there are gates leading into Hell. So lets take our Bibles as our Guide to look through the Gates of Hell


This morning with the Power and the Presence of the Holy Spirit I would like to preach on this topic LOOKING THROUGH THE GATES OF HELL.


This morning we are going to take a trip together through God’s Word and look through the GATES OF HELL.

It is going to take some thinking and imagination and the thing about it is we will still not get the gravity of this place called Hell.

I have a great imagination as I said on Wednesday Night. I was grounded to my room a lot of my teenaged life because I deserved it.

I was a strong willed child and my parents had to be innovative to break my will. His they spanked me, but the problem is a teenager who is playing church and thus unsaved knows the language and when to be good and when not to be + is strong willed.

This is a mindset of a strong willed person: They know the rules, but they do not want to obey the rules, they want to do their own thing.

So they start thinking is the punishment worth want they wanted to do. For me most of the time in my mind, what I wanted to do was worth it because if I get spanked it will only hurt for a little time.

So my parents got innovated are you listening because they loved me and wanted me to do something for the Lord.

I received correction and what I called isolation AKA grounded to my room. Before we had cell phones – internet – social media before there was any fun.

While in my room I would use my imagination to pass time.

And the Lord used that time for me because when you read God’s Word I do not know about you I like to imagine the scene and circumstances around the text.

And that is what I would like to do this morning as we LOOK THROUGH THE GATES OF HELL


As we look at this one verse we find out the Hell has Gates. Those gates only swing one way. TO LET PEOPLE IN NOT OUT.

There are so many false views about this place called hell!! Oh by the way IT IS A REAL PLACE.

How do I know there are so many false views about HELL, I am glad that you asked.

Because some of you right now if you really believed in the reality of hell and that you were 1 heartbeat and 1 breath away from going there, you would put away your pride, and what other people might think and run down this isle begging someone to tell you how to escape HELL.

An we the name the name of Christ instead of trying to straighten everyone out, you would commit yourself to the Lord and REACH ONE IN 2021.

Are you still with me? In our society today the word HELL is used much without meaning, it has become a normal word.

People tell other people to go there all the time.

But in our pulpits so-called preachers do not want to preach on it because it might offend people.

As we begin our journey this morning to the Gates of Hell I rea this quote from a fire fighter who survived 9-11.


So let us start journey down to the gates of hell. As we walk toward these gates, before we even get to far there is something that is very nauseating.



And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.

I can remember getting a phone call while my family and I was on vacation that one of our members had been burning some brush not knowing that there was an aerosol can in the brush and the can exploded catching him on fire.

We came home and ran up to the hospital and had to go into the burn ward of the hospital and before I even reach the door to the burn unit I got nauseated because of the smell. And when I went in the smell would just almost knock you out.

And as we start our walk towards the gates of hell we are hit with the smell of billions of burning bodies.

Are you listening HELL is not something to play around with, because HELL is real, HELL is for all eternity.

You can add up all the pleasures of this world and they are not worth spending an eternity in hell

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