3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: I was asked to develop a funeral for the one that died before their time, adapts into a lesson on living.

Loosing our Rose’s buds for the Master’s Bouquet?

By Wade Martin Hughes, Sr.


I did this for a funeral but this is easily adapted for a lesson on living.


Isa. 35:1 The desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the rose.

Luke 12:27 Consider the lilies how they grow: they toil not, they spin not; yet I say unto you, that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

Flowers have many lessons.

I hold a long stem rose in my hand, and I talk to the rose.

I look around and note all the flowers here whispering love and hope.

Funeral of one taken before their time, or a lesson on daily living.

A red rose whispers of passion and love.

Hear her whisper of the greatness of God.

I often hold a long stem rose in my hand, and I talk to the rose.

I tell how beautiful the rose is.

The red reminds me how much Jesus loves me.

I talk about the green being a symbol of growth.

I tell about how the leaf gives itself to the support of the plant.

I talk about the thorns role in protection of the plant.

I tell how the thorn is a direct product of the fall from grace, thorns are part of the curse. Often the sweetness of life is interrupted by some painful thorn.

We don’t throw away roses because they have thorns, we focus on the beauty, not just the pain.

I tell about those that have caught a vision into the eternal and have reported how beautiful the rose’s are in heaven, and they have reported to us that the roses in heaven do not have any thorns. Restoration of the plan of God.

I then talk about the Crown that Jesus wore on earth was a Crown of thorns.

There is a valuable lesson in this crown, for all a thorn is ---

it is an involuted leaf. ( in-VO -lute-d.)

This involuted leaf is just a leaf wrapped up in itself,

life has away of getting us to withdraw in some painful questions, when we should launch out in the deep.

Jesus wore a crown that represented the selfishness of a man’s heart.

The next time we will see Jesus, He will not have a crown of painful thorns, but his will be a crown of jewels of gold.

The crowns we see in heaven will be laid at our Savior’s feet, not crowns of selfishness but crowns given to our HOPE of the Ages.

There is a ROSE among the thorns.

I talk about how brief the beauty of a rose is.

Life is like a spider’s web... so weak and frail.

Life is like a vapor, it is here and so gone.

Life is temporary at best ....


We all head toward death at 60 minutes an hour, 1440 minutes a day.

Are we spending our time wisely?

Any Master gardener grows several kinds of flowers, if he is serious he will have many roses growing. The Master knows when to prune his flowers.

But the Master Gardener knows the roses have a purpose.

The rose might just be grown to adore a beautiful wedding of two hearts coming together as one.

I look at the rose and express it’s beauty to the eye, but this rose was cut for more than the eyes, it was cut to express the heart of love.

Some roses will be cut in full bloom, but any good gardener knows, some roses will be cut as buds. The gardener knew when he planted the rose bush, this will be used

to express LOVE, and the plan was all along, someday you will be cut for the Master will have need of your beauty.

Will you ponder this?

... But I want you to ponder this.

God has a plan.

Faith learns to trust the plan of the Master Gardener.

Faith knows God has a plan.

Yet daily, menial nothingness has a way of hiding the plan from our eyes.

Rose gardens and roses have a purpose.

Have you ever put together a big puzzle?

Did you ever use the picture on the box to help you know the overall view? Of course! Well, we have a puzzle, the pieces I do not understand, and I have no great oversight, I just must trust ... there is a Guiding Hand.

I have learned to say I am sorry, quicker and more often, for I know there is a bigger picture and there is more than this.

Father lead me to the Rock that is higher than I!

We must learn to trust ... how can you sink through a solid rock?

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George Arnold

commented on Oct 26, 2006

I am a Pentecostal minister and this past week my cousin passed away. I had been working with him on his drug abuse and coming to know God. It devastated me this sermon is one i am useing tonight to preach his funeral.

Maura Isles

commented on Apr 10, 2014

Where did you get the information that a thorn is an involuted leaf? I heard this at a funeral and was going to use this for a term paper; however, I cannot find any other research to support this.

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