Summary: Warfare Prayers


Dr. D. K. Olukoya

In Acts 4, the apostles had been pushed around. They had been warned not to preach in the name of Jesus. Then in verse 29, they started praying, "And now, Lord, behold their threatening and grant unto thy servants, that with all boldness they may speak thy word."

I had a visitor sometime ago, who told me that she had been born again for thirty-three years, but recently, she met a member of Mountain of Fire and Miracles ministries who started praying with him. And right from the time that she started praying with him, it was as if she was not born again at all. She said that the way that the prayer was going and the kind of prayer points the sister called were strange to her, although he had been born again for thirty-three years. Despite the fact that the prayer points were strange, she prayed them, and she was getting results instantly for the first time and that her life was never the same. According to her, this sister who prayed with her did not seem to recognise that there is something called fear. When you say something is big and terrible, she just moved in and demolished it with prayer. She said several weeks back, somebody fired an arrow at her and one hand and one leg was getting paralysed. And that sister just came with what she called anointing oil, applied it on her, and everything disappeared. She said she asked the sister if she was a pastor and she said no. She told her that she was only an ordinary member. Then she said to the sister, "If you, an ordinary member can be this good, I must come and see your pastor." Those are the kind of testimonies that encourage us. And not those who would say, "When my husband was talking rubbish, I just gave him a dirty slap and later, asked the Lord to forgive me." My prayer is that you too, will be a good example. And your life will record testimonies.

Any power militating against a true child of God is looking for problems. Such a power wants to sink into the red sea after the order of Pharaoh. It is also seeking to be destroyed by God’s anger after the order of Senacherib. One angel defeated 185,000 people. I am very sure that nobody has up to 185,000 enemies. Any power militating against a true child of God is seeking to fight and oppose itself. It is seeking to receive the stones of fire, after the order of Goliath. Any powr militating against a true child of God is seeking to be substituted in the evil that he or she is trying. Such a power wants to receive what we call divine hail stones. Any power militating against a true child of God is looking for compulsory and forceful burial like after the order of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram. It is seeking to be eaten up by worms, after the order of Herod and to be pursued by terrifying noises after the order of the Syrians.

Few months ago, I heard another testimony that gladdened my heart. The testimony was that the co-tenants of one of our members came to report him. What did he do? He said since this brother man moved into their compound, the whole place was always hot at night. Apart from that, his wife who used to attend witchcraft meetings to assist him could no longer attend because the brother has blocked her way. Then I said, since you could see that this man is praying and because he is praying, he has blocked the journey of your wife, why don’t you seek to get the kind of power that he has? He said, "We are just appealing to him, we don’t mind refunding what he has paid; but he should leave." I said this is good, for a change. That is how it should be, The wicked should run when they see a Christian. They are the ones who should be having the problems, not believers. Not the kind of testimony where somebody comes and says "Pray on these prayer requests for me sir, my co-tenant, the man on the first floor is a herbalist and the other one a witch, therefore, they are harassing me at night." This one was different, he was the one harassing them. Take the following prayer points with holy anger:

a. Every witch living in my surrounding, receive the stones of fire, in the name of Jesus.

b. Any evil vessel conveying my information to the evil world, be paralysed now, in the name of Jesus.

What is the principle of praying to get results?

There are many examples in the Bible of those who prayed and got results instantly. For us to understand the principles of praying to get results, we shall study the prayer points of some people who prayed and received instant answers in the Bible. There are many examples but we will look at three.

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