Summary: Hearing and responding to the voice of the Lord

Lord, I hear you now tell me what to do.

1 Samuel 3:1-21

Ø 1 Samuel 14:1-23

Jonathan and his amour bearer, listens to the voice of God and they immediately act!!!

1) Have a heart to receive what God will say.

Untraditional, non-conventional you must be ready to do what God has for you to do. You cannot have a carbon copy ministry; you must be real with yourself and God. Look at someone and say Keep it Real.

2) You cannot be afraid to share what God has told you.

Mother, father, sister, brother, when God empowers you with a word, you must deliver the word to the individual. You are only mailman, not the writer, and you have an obligation to deliver God’s word. If people have issues tell them to take it up with God. When God sends you he will prepare you, equip you, and protect you!!! Look at some and say God Got Me Covered!!!

3) You must keep the Lord with you and seek him as you grow spiritually.

Ask God to reveal himself to you on a daily basis. We need to seek the Lord to be in his presence daily, to enter into the throne room and hear from him daily. Paul told us the we must die daily. Look at someone and say; Lord Kill Me!!! When your flesh is killed you can then enter into the holy presence of God

It time as young men and women that you realize the full effect of the ministry that God has for you.

Ø Matthew 9

We see Jesus telling us we need to GO, he told the crippled to take up his bed and walk, this man was not only physically impaired but he was spiritually impaired, some of tonight are physically impaired. You need to know that you can take up your bed and walk. His friends had to Bungee jump, but he made it to the Lord, and he immediately responded to instructions of Jesus. Later in this same passage of scripture we see Jesus do the whole “Deviled Ham” thing, but the point is tonight you no longer have to be spiritually impaired.

Ø Judges 7

As in the story of Gideon, the first thing God had him do was send those who were afraid home. Then he sent those who weren’t cautions home. Where do fit, are you going home or are you asking God to tell you what to do.

Everyone standing for the Alter Call

Alter Call: Young Samuel had to go a couple of times before he finally recognized and responded to the call of God. Jonathan and his amour bearer responded immediately to the voice of God and were victorious. The crippled man had some who believed that God could make their friend whole. God is calling young people into the ministry, but you must hear and recognize the voice of God. As I ‘m speaking if you God has called you or if heard the voice of God, come to the alter and reach the Lord. If you need salvation, sanctification, the Holy Ghost, come to the alter. Alter Workers and Minister came help these young people as they seek the face of the Lord.

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