Summary: Jesus can calm any storm we face in life

Lord of the Storm

Luke 8.22-25

July 13, 1997

Morning Service


I. Bad storms: Last Week, Nicholasville, Driving home from Zanesville, At Mom’s house, Lake Erie

II. Life is full of Storms: Disappointments, heart aches and heart breaks, physical problems and illnesses, general suffering

III. The Disciples: Go through storms, they went through the storm with Jesus


I. The Trip

A. Jesus’ own suggestion: Jesus leads the disciples, more than the twelve, a promise was given: they would reach the opposite shore

B. Across the sea: avoid the long walk, this is the fastest way, do ministry on the other side,

II. The Trouble

A. Jesus falls asleep: long days and short nights, utter exhaustion, ministry had taken a toll,

B. The storm comes: geographic funnel and natural basin, sea is 600 ft BSL, warm air meets cool air, shallow sea: less than 35 ft., strong winds and high waves

C. The danger: this storm was strong, boat was being swamped, taking on water from waves, this was a situation where the boat could sink, danger of death, the disciples saw the situation and not God, more fear than faith, forgot who was Lord of the storm

III. The Triumph

A. Disciples wake Jesus: Trust Fall, Jesus still asleep: Jesus knew who was in charge, the disciples wake Jesus, Master: knew something, couldn’t make it alone

B. Jesus calms the storm: rebukes the storm, Rebuked: casting out demons, complete control, the storm disapates, All was calm: Wind and waves last, Jesus is Lord of the storm,

C. The key question: Where is your faith?: Not doubt but placement, who has their faith


I. The Trip

A. Jesus is our leader: He leads where we go, through the good and the bad, Jesus is still in charge,

B. We follow across the sea of life: life holds many things for many people, we must follow, storms come up from time to time

II. The Trouble

A. Jesus seems to be asleep at the wheel: When trouble comes God seems far away, no longer in control,

B. Storms of life fall upon us: hit us fast and furious, no real warning, we feel overtaken, storms of life are strong but Jesus is stronger

C. Our situation becomes dangerous: We see the storm and God seems distant, we feel powerless against the waves, we can’t make it alone,

III. The Triumph

A. We need to go to Jesus: We must call upon the Master, He will give us strength and endurance, He is Lord in the Storm,

B. Jesus can calm the storm: Jesus will come to our aid, Jesus has the power we need, Jesus is Lord of the Storm

C. The key question: Where is your faith?, do we do it alone or place our faith and our fate in Jesus, Who is Lord of your storms?

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