Summary: This sermon encourages our young men to look beyond the difficulties of life to the unseen power of God.

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Intro. Oh that God would open the eyes of our young men. What a tremendous prayer for our times. We often tell our sons and our daughters that they need to open thier eyes. If our daughters or sons meet the wrong person base on our opinion, we encourage them to open thier eyes. But how often do we ask God to open their eyes that they might see. It is what the Prophet Elisha did; he prayed that his servant would see beyond the Assyrian Army. We too should pray that our sons would see beyond gang violence, drugs, teenage suicide and the various sorts of evil in our day.

To that end se shall consider the following:

I. The Pressure of the Young Man. (He rose early)

II. The Proliferation of Evil. (The Assyrian Army surrounded them)

III. The Problem of the Young Man. (What shall we do) Apart from God, we can do nothing. No amount of policemen, No amount of National Guards-men, No change in the civil authority can alter the human heart. None, but God can replace a stony-heart with a heart bubbling with holiness.

IV. The Peace of the Prophet. (Fear not) It is not clear if the Prophet saw the spiritual army with the optic nerve. But it is clear that he knew that they were present. Oh what a difference knowing can make in our lives!

V. The Prevalence of Good. (They that be with us are more then they that are against us)

VI. The Prayer of the Prophet. (Lord, Open the Young man’s eyes so that he might see) In others words, give him the same calmness that I enjoy! Allow him to see not only the danger but the deliverance also..

VII. The Presence of God’s Spiritual Army. (They are present to help us in every situation) They settled Joseph suspicion when Mary was pregnat. They anounced Jesus’ birth. They were there when Jesus prayed in the garden. They removed the stone from the tomb. They announced the joy of the resurrection. God is still a very present help in times of trouble.

Conclusion: Oh that God would open the eyes of young men and not simply theirs but ours too.

May God Bless and Keep You

Pastor Rodney L. Johnson Sr.

Historic Bethlehem Baptist Church

Hahnville, La.


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