Summary: Prayer intensifies with fasting, the fire of our spirit draws us closer to Christ Jesus and closer to God Almighty. Praying for what you want "is yours for the asking".

LORD Teach Me To Pray



Dr. Gale A. Ragan-Reid (May 23, 2014)

“The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly” (St. John 10:10, King James Version, KJV [Christ is the door]).

Greetings in the Holy Name of Jesus,

My brothers and sisters, Christ is the door and “it is yours for the asking” are words that should prevail in your life on day two of your seven day prayer cycle intensified with fasting. Yesterday, I met strangers at my gate because I did not want them to enter in to the estate. Those strangers asked for my SUV, a vehicle that seemingly draws the attention of a few but the covetous eyes of those few relentlessly worked using others to keep asking for it because I live in an area that practices hate and deception. I knew Satan persuaded the stranger to come but it was the spirit of Jesus that stopped the stranger in his tracks and turned him around without harm to my person.

Christ Jesus lives, I tell you. He lives within each one of us, those that God gave to Jesus. I spoke to one of the strangers as a neighbor yet I did not receive them in for I knew they struggled inside their hearts and struggled inside their minds. Even more so I knew they sought to do battle but this battle they sought was not their battle and this battle they sought was not my battle. The battle was the Lord's battle and unbeknownst to them God prepared the battlefield---it was already prepared and my intercessors were there in agreement with me, in spirit, all the way from California.

I did not know I was going to battle but my spirit did and the spirits of my intercessors knew for their spirits were present, willing and able with their words of Jesus in my mailbox, so the battlefield was between the mailbox and the gate, in the driveway. I tell you I never witnessed a battle in such a state of peace as this battle was infused with peace. You know there was a supernatural anointing of using ordinary people to do extraordinary things that was present as extraordinary people set forth to do the business of ordinary laborers, in fact, of Jesus. The attack did not last long and the strangers left without my SUV and without my cousin's black Angus cows that wandered in the road out of their pasture.

Amazingly, it appeared they felt all the better for it as if they did a good deed then, by telling me the black Angus cows were running down the road. Believe me they did do a good deed and the good deed did not turn on them and bite them---the good deed done did not punish them. I did not punish them by calling the sheriff. I called my cousin the owner of the cows and he gladly returned to his home to secure his property. God is a great God.

Yet all this was not possible without intensified prayer---adding fasting to your prayer. My household was fasting and praying even the animals fasted on the sweetness of pear, sugar and water because the temperature was 93 degrees Fahrenheit. The animals were there, too, on the battlefield between the mailbox and the gate, ready, willing and able but the battle was not the animals' battle. The battle was the Lord's battle.

I witnessed the transforming power of Christ Jesus for the men were changed as Apostle Paul was changed on the road to Damascus in front of his entourage--- all the men that traveled with him---the light of Christ prevailed and tried Saul on the road. I know the hearts of the strangers were tried on that battlefield---right there between the mailbox and the gate. I know their thoughts questioned them, each one of them, “Why are you at her gate? Why do you ask for her property and the property of her neighbors, her cousins? What is your business? Is it peace you seek?”


Christ Jesus tried them this time. I feel compelled to tell you that was not the first battle fought between the mailbox and the gate and I pray that it was the last battle for that place is a battleground not only for me but for my animals as well. Many animals died on that battlefield trying to make it back to the estate homestead. My brothers and sisters you might not know where your battlefield is or recognize that you are on a battlefield yet you are and the intercessory power of Christ Jesus is “yours for the asking”. Call on the name of Jesus! Your intercessor might be animal, another stranger, a good Samaritan, or another neighbor.

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