Summary: These words written by David years ago but they go right to the heart of situations that exist today.

Lord, What A mess I am In! - by Gerald Van Horn

Psalms 55:6 “And I said, Oh, that I had wings like a dove! For then would I fly away, and be at rest.”

These words were written by David over 2,000 years ago but they go right to the heart of situations that exist in our world today. David spoke these words at a difficult time in his life. He just wanted to get some rest. He just wanted to get away from everything. Have you ever felt that way?

Jeremiah felt like that too. He prays, “Oh, that I had in the wilderness a lodging place of wayfaring men: that I might leave the people and go from them.” Jeremiah 9:2.

Paul felt this way also. Philippians 8:30 “For I am in a strait betwixt two, having a desire to depart and be with Christ which is far better.”

Jesus felt this way when facing the cross He prays, “Father let this cup pass from me.”

This attitude of getting away from everything is a modern failing today. There is a tendency to escape. To get away. This has gone so far that Americans have coined a new phrase for it. They call it the “Exit syndrome.” We see this in every area of our lives.

1. Some are fatigued from the pressures of life.

* There is the exit syndrome in marriage.

A man recently shared with his pastor, “I got tired of living with my wife. I had encounter problems that I never imagined were possible. So I left my first wife and married again. My second wife is worse than the first wife ever was.”

I predict he’s going to run into some difficulties with the third wife unless he faces responsibilities and realizes that the problems are on the inside of him. They are under his own skin. God says in Malachi 2:16 that He hates divorce. The word used there is “putting away” which means the same thing.

* There is the exit syndrome in the work place.

There are millions of people changing jobs every year - trying to get ahead.

Wanting better benefits. Looking for those greener pastures. Wanting a better place to work. In America today the job-hopper is causing a real problem in our society. The results are, we have a mobile population.

* There is the exit syndrome in families.

Mothers are killing their babies. They feel pressure in caring for them. They try medications with no results. They try alcohol with no results except a big hangover in the morning. They feel isolated in their struggle with the children. They reach out to any visible means to escape.

* There is the exit syndrome in the church.

There is a time to change churches. A change may be needed if you’re not getting spiritual food or unable to serve where you attend worship. There is a serious situation in our churches today. People stay just as long as the preacher tickles their fancy. Just as soon as the preacher steps on their toes they are upset and ready to leave. One pastor said people left his church because his wife died. They just couldn’t cope with the grief. I once greeted a couple who had left their church. I said, “Well, how are things going at (name the church)”? “Oh, they said, we left that church and are going to another church.” They stated that they change churches every three years. They saw nothing wrong with it.

2. Some are just burned out and feel trapped in an unbearable situation.

Illustration: A surgeon in a hospital who deals every day with life and death situations. A law force officer. A president of a company. A mother at home with small children. A student in school with lessons to do. Young people are pressured to perform in athletics. All these deserve our prayers. They have become fatigued and worn out. Jesus, Himself faced fatigue. Mark 6:31 (He tells His disciples) “Come apart unto the desert and rest a awhile.” He saw that they had a very real situation on hand.

3. Some have been deeply hurt.

Illustration: A young married couple feels that each are not sensitive to the others needs. They feel their mate just doesn’t get it. They are just not able to face the pressure. The divorce statistics are overwhelming. I can remember that divorce was the last resort of a marriage breaking up. Today it’s the first step. The institution that God intended for mankind’s ultimate happiness no longer reaps such results. People want out and they go to any means to achieve their purpose. This is breaking God’s heart.

4. Some run because they are under peer pressure.

They feel they are total failures because they cannot perform like others. They look at others and feel defeated. It appears that others are promoted ahead of them. They feel they can never do anything right. “The boss expects too much” is often repeated on the job sight. “How come I am not promoted?” is echoed in the work place. In these days it’s not unusual for a co-worker to walk into a place of business and begin killing fellow workers. Many parents unwittingly pressure children to make better grades. To make matters worse they offer no help to the failing child.

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