Summary: Just as Jesus’ parents lost him, we too can lose Christ if but only for a short time. That which we lose is that close personal relationship.

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“Finding Christ”

Luke 2:41-52

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“Finding Christ” implies that he has been or can be lost. And I want to make clear what I mean by that. I do not mean that a person can lose the grace of God once they have received it, but what a person can lose, because of their actions, is the “relationship” with Christ.

After David (a man after God’s own heart) committed his transgression against God, he did NOT lose his salvation. What he lost was “the joy of his salvation.” He lost the relationship that was precious to him.

So, you cannot lose your gift of salvation, but you can lose that relationship that brings you daily blessings when you, by your actions, lose Christ.

I. How can we lose Christ? (vs. 44)

A. “thinking he was in their company”

— they took for granted that he would be wherever they were

B. “they traveled on for a day”

1. They ran off and left him. (We too)

2. The Bible says that “They that wait upon the Lord shall ... (we too).

3. Perhaps their minds were on the events that had taken place and they forgot to check and make sure they were going in the same direction as Jesus. (We too)

C. “they began to look for him among their relatives and friends”

1. They looked for Jesus in the wrong place. (We too)

2. We often think we can find Jesus in the church, where his children are, or where there’s “Christian” activity.

(This leads us to the next question)

II. Where can Jesus be found? (vs. 46, 49)

A. Jesus is found where the Will of God is being done.

B. The sad truth is that Jesus can’t be found in many churches today, because God’s will is not being done. The Church has:

— “thought he was in their company”

— and as a result have “gone on and left Christ behind”

— then when they realize he’s gone, they look in the wrong places.

C. John 5:19 Jesus tells us, “I tell you the truth, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does.”

Where can Jesus be found? Wherever the will of God is being done.

III. Who can lose Jesus? Who can lose that relationship?

Answer: Anyone. Even those who are closest to him.

A. Numbers 20:6-12 (Moses)

B. Peter — Matthew 16:23 (Get behind me, Satan...)

Matthew 26:69 (Peter’s denial)

C. Joseph and Mary

How did those who were closest to Jesus lose him?

They “thought he was with them”

They “left him behind”

They “looked in the wrong places”

IV. How can Jesus be found? How can we restore the relationship?

A. Jesus is found by going back where we left him (v. 45).

B. By “anxiously searching” (v. 48)

1. Those who truly seek Him (2 Chron. 7:14)

2. Those who know life is meaningless without Him.

Have we been busy doing good works of “religion?”

Have we been thinking that Jesus is involved in our workings?

Have we run off and left Christ behind?

Have we looked for him in the wrong places?

Have we LOST Jesus?

To find him, we must have a hunger to be back in his presence and then simply go back where we left him. He wants to be found! He wants to grow in us! (v. 52)

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