Summary: This is an outline of part one of the series The Power of Testimony.

All of us desire to have a good testimony. We want our walk to match our talk. We want the story of God’s work in our lives to be as powerful to those who here it as it is to us.

The Apostle Paul is dealing with the issue of testimony in this final chapter in Galatians. In the first part of the chapter Paul deals with the case of a lost testimony.

I. A Lost Testimony Galatians 6:1-2

A. Overtaken = a fault, a slip or lapse

B. "you who are godly"

1. Galatians 5:22ff

C. Restore = to mend the nets

D. "be careful not to fall into the same temptation yourself"

1. What about your testimony

2. What causes the holes in the nets

3. What causes us to slip or lapse

II. Causes of a Lost, Slipping Testimony 6:3-9

A. PRIDE - the wrong view of yourself 6:3

1. Pride goeth before destruction...Proverbs 16:18

2. He deceives no one but himself

B. Comparing Yourself to others 6:4

1. "prove" to test, examine (burn or try by fire)

2. Rejoice in our work for the Lord when compared to others

C. Wrong view of our circumstances 6:5

1. Bear his own burden (a ships cargo)

a. Every one of us must carry his own weight

b. We were designed to carry a certain about of cargo

c. vs. 2 - "burden" the weight that is about to press down and overcome (note in KJV the word burden is used in both vs.4 and vs.5)

2. We can get so busy looking at everyone elses problems and burdens

a. His burdens will absorb his own attention and he won’t have time to compare himself to others

D. Selfishness 6:6

1. unwillingness to give, share

2. Willing to take in but not willing to give out

E. Self-Deceiving 6:7

1. Not realizing theultimate results of actions today

2. Stop being led astray

3. Mock - to turn one’s nose up at God

F. The two choices - vs.8

G. Quiting too soon vs.9

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