Summary: Easter sermon that explains that through the resurrection, Christ seeks out out in our own "lost-ness."

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Lost and Found

Mary Magdalene: John 20:10-18

Introduction: My “trip” to Lancaster, Ohio. LOST w/ no money and no gas.

Relate the feeling of utter lost-ness.

I.Mary M. was lost in her despair, but Jesus sought her out. (vs. 11a, 14a)

“but Mary stood outside the tomb crying.”

A.Why was Mary Mag. at the tomb?

1.To finish prepping the body of Christ.

2.He died on (Fri), no time for a proper burial before Sabbath.

3.Went to apply spices: A sign of love and respect.

- Spices = like leaving flowers for today.

B.She was probably dumbfounded. Disciples went home, she stayed at the tomb.

1.Illus.: Feed a stray and he’ll never go away.

2.Mary was a stray.

a.Possibly a prostitute. Explain the city of Magdala.

b.She had 7 demons in her at one time.

-“With seven demons in you, you may be the life of the party, but nobody wants to take you home.”

3.Mary was a social outcast.

a.Her life WAS Jesus.

b.She couldn’t go back home. (65 miles! For a single woman, very dangerous.)

c.She had no local family. (Magdala =Gentiles)

4.Even Peter and John left her alone, weeping at the tomb. They had no consideration for her.

C. Jesus met her where she was. (v.14a)

1.My Testimony: My Mom’s strength at the funeral of my brother, dad and grandfather. That strength was missing at her own funeral.

2. My oldest sister saw my pain and took my mothers place. She filled that void for me.

3. Jesus will do the same.

II. Mary M. lost her heart, but Jesus gave her comfort.

(vs. 11b, 14-16a)

“outside the tomb crying.”

A.Why was she crying?

1.Verse 11: Gr. indicates that she was wailing.

2.Jesus was already dead.

3.Illus.: Visiting our passed loved ones.

B.She assumed that the body was stolen. (v.2)

1.She wanted to have a place of memorial for Jesus. A place to visit Him.

C.What did Mary want? Jesus back in the tomb!

1.It wasn’t ideal, but she thought it was all she had.

2.Talk about our own Comfort Zones.

3.Illus.: My son (David) and his "bed buddy", (Jonathan)

a.Jonathan: lost eye, hole with stuffing falling out.

b.David will hold that dog til the day the last threat falls.

4.Jesus: “You’re holding onto something less than what I can give you.”

E.Compare Jesus in the grave and Jesus out of the grave.

III. Mary lost her Lord, but Jesus came to her as Savior.

(vs. 11c, 17)

“she bent over to look onto the tomb.”

A. Why was she looking in the tomb?

1.She had looked once before.

2.Peter and John both looked, as well.

3.Just making sure. Illus.: Me loosing car keys.

B.“They have taken my Lord away. . .”

1.We find here what she truly feels she has lost: her Lord.

2. Lord = master, teach, leader.

3. “As long as I followed him, I’m alright.”

4. APPL.: We feel the same.

-WWJD. Following Jesus’ teachings.

C. Following Jesus’ teachings wasn’t enough.

1. Following the teachings of Jesus and doing good works did nothing but lead Mary to a gravesite.

2. She needed more.

D. What did Mary M. find? At the tomb, she found a relationship with God. (v. 17)

1. Incidentally: KJV is a bad Translation.

a.“Do not touch me,”

b.actually = “Stop clinging to me.”

2.“My Father and your Father”

a.In OT, with a few obscure exceptions, God is not referred to as Father.

b.Has many names: El Shaddai, Eloim, Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Rapha, etc. but not Father.

c.Religious leaders did not view God as Father.

- Matt 3:9: “Our father is Abraham.”

d.God wasn’t referred regularly as Father until Jesus.

3.“My God and Your God.”

a. God was mostly referred to as, “The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

b.Jesus says, “Not only is He the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, He is now the God of Mary Mag., Peter and John.

4.You see, Mary M. wanted Jesus Back in the tomb, but Jesus said, “No, Mary, you want me out of that tomb because being out of the tomb, I can now bring you to God.”

E.Why did Jesus appear to Mary M. first?

1.She’s the one who wanted to find Him the most. (v.10)

a.Disciples went back home.

b.She stayed and looked.

2.Deut.4:29: Seek Him with all your heart!

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