Summary: We tend to tell people they are lost, but don’t tell them from what.

Lost from what?

Matthew 18:10- 14

When a person is Lost, they are lost from God and His Will for them.

God does not impose on us His will to try to hold us back or hold us down, His will is for us to go Forward, Upward, To be the best we can be, “That we may have life and have it more abundantly.”

They are lost, to all God has to offer. Lost, to the Hope of Glory. Lost to Self, Self-gratification, and Self-indulgence.

They are lost from Family members done gone on! But

mainly, Lost from:

1. God and His Pleasures---Many pleasures---“natural men and women lust for one another, but God gives us pleasure in one another.” Pleasure in just hearing their voice or in holding their hand.

God wants to hear our voice and hold our hands. He wants us to have Peace in Him.

2. God and His Position---God wants us to have a greater position. He wants to lift us up in Heavenly Places. More than that, He may even want to lift us up to where others will when we proclaim “What God hath done for us.”

In that sense, People are Lost to His Purpose. God has a purpose for us in this world. We are not to set idle. We have a purpose! What God has in store for us can only be realized with a Deeper Commitment, and a Deeper Relationship with Him.

Those 2 things, a Deeper Commitment, and a Deeper

Relationship, brings us to Prosperity. Yes it may be in Monetary Prosperity, but it may be for something even greater, it may be for Peace, Love, and Faith. Prosperity comes in many forms.

3. God and His Principals---Principals=Standards---Standards of Living. When a person does not know God, they have not yet become alive. Jesus said, “I am come to give them life.” When we are made alive, when we are SAVED, the old standards by which we lived are thrown out and a new set put in place. We once lived to self, we now live unto God.

A. Mouth. (Language)

B. Hatred becomes Love.

C. Vengeance is now God’s.

Our Principals, or Standards, become different.

4. God and His Protection---God looks over us. We don’t need a nightlight or a night watchman, God looks over us.

Besides it never hurts to have a little Fire Insurance.

5. God and His Person---This had ought to be enough. Just being lost from his Person. Never to experience His Presence. Not knowing the Great God that made you. Not knowing the Great Savior that died for you. Not knowing your future, because without God, you have no Future. There is no Future in Hell.

Without knowing Jesus as your Personal Lord and Savior,

that is your Future. Jesus “was made sin for us,” He was made our Substitute. His death was Vital, Vicarious,Voluntary, and Victorious.

Do you know him?

Will you come forward and get to know Him?

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