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Summary: The story of Lot is arresting. When his name is mentioned, we immediately think of his wife – the pillar of salt. This story could have been quite different. The writer of the epistle of Peter designates Lot as a righteous man. No Old Testament chara

Lot: From Sodom to Salt

Sermon Series: Personalities from the Past that Speak to the Present

Genesis 13:12

2 Peter 2:4-10


The story of Lot is arresting. When his name is mentioned, we immediately think of his wife – the pillar of salt. This story could have been quite different. The writer of the epistle of Peter designates Lot as a righteous man. No Old Testament character had more unfulfilled potential than Lot. He allowed the opportunity of spiritual greatness to pass him by in small, near-insignificant doses. There are multitudes in the Christian churches today that imitate Lot’s life.


I. The potential of Lot

a. All people are not born with equal opportunities.

b. Some have more advantages than others by nature of their families spiritual, economic, and/or social background.

c. In many respects, Lot was born and reared with a silver spoon in his mouth as fat as economic and spiritual opportunities were concerned.

i. A nephew of Abraham

1. Abraham is recognized as one of the greatest men in the Old Testament.

2. God gave Abraham great promises and privileges.

3. The close members of Abraham’s family profited by the spiritual overflow.

4. Lot was one of these so blessed.

5. He had a unique position with Abraham; Abraham was without a male heir for a major portion of his life, and Lot was without parents during a substantial part of the time he was with Abraham.

6. Consequently, Lot was drawn extremely close to Abraham in a near parent-child relationship.

ii. A companion of Abraham

1. Abraham took Lot with him as he left his father’s native land.

2. Lot also shared with Abraham in his Egyptian experiences.

3. Lot received many favors through his companionship with his uncle.

iii. The religion of Abraham

1. Lot was a fellow believer in Jehovah God.

2. His faith was centered in the God who made a covenant with Abraham.

iv. Numerous factors of life greatly favored Lot

1. He had an excellent family background.

2. He was a constant companion of a righteous man.

3. He had a worship experience acceptable to God.

4. He went to Bethel with Abraham.

5. With all of these advantages, how did his life become so unproductive?

II. The fall of Lot

a. We never like to recall the failure of others, but we can learn much by seeking to understand what happened in cases such as Lot’s.

b. We see stages of failure in the life of this man.

i. Lot looked toward Sodom

1. The city of Sodom was a place of blatant sinfulness.

2. Righteous people avoided the place.

3. Yet when Lot and Abraham had to separate their herds because of strife, the plains surrounding Sodom were very appealing to Lot.

4. A fleshly desire aimed him in a downward direction.

ii. Lot camped toward Sodom

1. Lot did not immediately invest his time and energy in the wicked city of Sodom.

2. He camped nearby with his family and herds until he adjusted to the cultural shock of Sodom.

iii. Lot lived in Sodom

1. Finally, Lot and his family were no longer content to camp near Sodom.

2. They moved into the city and became a part of that horrible society.

III. The agony of Lot

a. Lot’s mind and heart faced a constant bombardment from Sodom.

b. So many Chrisitians who try to identify with the world and with Christ at the same time know the realities of Lot’s agony.

i. A contrast with the environment

1. According to 2 Peter, Lot maintained a semblance of righteousness while in Sodom.

2. Imagine the horrible conflicts he continually faced between his remembrance of the righteous God at Bethel and the obvious despicable sins of the moral gutters of Sodom.

ii. A visit by the angels of God

1. The angels of God visited Lot in Sodom in an attempt to escort him away.

2. The horror of the sin of this city was magnified by the visits of these holy ones.

3. God intervened in a miraculous manner to preserve his witness in Sodom.

iii. A destroyed witness

1. Lot became convinced of the necessity to leave Sodom

2. His heart yearned for his family to go with him.

3. Because of his life of compromise, his family members mocked his efforts to get them out of Sodom.

4. His witness before they very ones he wanted to save was nonexistent.

5. How terribly tragic was his flaccid faith.

iv. A devastated family

1. In desperation Lot and part of his family fled Sodom just prior to its destruction by God.

2. As they fled, Lot’s wife looked back toward Sodom, contrary to a command by one of the angels, and God’s judgment fell upon her.

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