Summary: Wedding of young couple

Scripture Reading:

Ephesians 5:25

Marriage is a sacred, holy, and mysterious relationship designed and created by God as a gift to humankind. But, in recent decades this beautiful gift has been damaged by divorce, ridiculed as obsolete, and dismissed as old fashioned.

Yet marriage still stands. No matter what detractors may say - marriage was created by God for all who were made in his image. Marriage was created by God for you.

Marriage is as a place of protection for both of you. The world is a place filled with power and promise. It is also a place with much disappointment and pain – but within the confines of the marriage covenant is a place where two people can comfort each other and rest in the bonds of love. It is a place that we can call “home”.

But marriage does not just happen. For your marriage to flourish grow strong and healthy enough to survive the challenges of this life you must bring to the covenant two critical pieces.

Paul mentions both in Ephesians. Love and respect.

MAN, Paul commands you in this passage to love your wife. Not because WOMAN is hard to love but because you as a man have to learn to love like God loves. He says you are to love her like you love yourself. He says you are to love her like you love your own body. Finally, he says you are to love her like Jesus loves the church.

This kind of love, devotion and commitment for the best in all of life for her – is your responsibility to learn and give in your marriage to her. She will respond to that love with her love and the strength of your marriage will never be broken by any of the challenges of life.

WOMAN, Paul commands you in this passage to respect your husband. Not because MAN is hard to respect but because you as a woman must learn to submit your will to his like Jesus submitted his will to the father for us. Submission is not an admission of inferiority but a willing display of respect for another’s place in your life. When you learn to give yourself wholly for the benefit of the other then it is not a matter of superiority and inferiority but of support and respect. When he knows you respect him he will give you the world.

Both of you are to love and respect each other – this is the foundation of a lasting and good marriage.

MAN, I think you know that WOMAN is a very special woman of not such quiet strength and warmth. She works hard and has boundless energy. She loves to help others and does so well and willingly. She is secure and sure of herself in the presence of others and almighty God. WOMAN completes you in many ways.

Her sense of humor and her positive spirit are just two notable traits. Even her stubborn streak will serve you well as she has a will that is strong and sturdy. She will fight for you and stand with you. Your life with her will never be boring.

But, much of what becomes of her depends upon your love for her. Your willingness to sacrifice self for her needs, hopes, dreams, and desires. The most important thing you can give WOMAN is the knowledge that she can depend on your love.

WOMAN, MAN is personable, talented, solid, and completely dependable person. It has been said that quiet water run deep. MAN isn’t all that quiet, mind you, but he has a depth that will be valuable to you. MAN completes you in many ways. Your life with him will be safe and secure. He will always be there for you when you need him most.

What MAN needs from you more than he even knows is your support. To know that you will stand by him and help him to serve the Lord.

This will be a new experience for you both. What an adventure! Two live that have been intertwined now meld together to become one inseparable life. It is a mystery and it is a wonderful gift God has given to you both.


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