Summary: Quick lesson on paint night with the youth on how love covers sin.

Love Covers it

1 Peter 4:8

Intro: Peter says above all

1: Things

a) Thinking

b) Feelings

c) Preconceived notions or ideas

d) What you’ve heard or think you know

Point: above all these things, sometimes, no, at all times we have to turn our brains down a bit and let our hearts and the love of God overcome and over rule our carnality

2: Fervent

a) Stretched out

b) Intent, earnest

c) Assiduously-very carefully, showing persistent and hard working effort in doing something

Point: picture Jesus on the cross, stretched out, so persistent, faithful to the task of bringing salvation to you and me. His love so fervent for the lost and dying world; we need this persistence and hard working love not just for the lost but for Christ first and then each other…

Body: Love, the greatest gift

1: What do you love?

a) What you love controls you?

b) Do you believe that?

c) It’s true

Point: if you love God, you wanna be with God and surrounded by the things and people of God. Church is a place you want to be all the time, if you love the world then church is the last place you think you could ever find something worth while.

2: Love covers

a) Love heals

b) Love forgives

c) Love reveals

Point: 1 Cor 13 qualities of love

Closing: think of paint, we paint to cover up things, we pick a color we llike to cover another color we don’t like.

Love helps us see past the present circumstances, love allows us to forget about the past mistakes and hurt, love permits us to follow Christ into the future… Love covers it!!!

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