Summary: To show that the Holy Spirit makes God’s love real and full to us.

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-Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day

-Just a simple reminder to all of the husbands out there

-Q: Can you remember your first love?

-It is important to love

-We were made to love

-Others and God, Himself

-It is important to know that we are loved

-To be filled with love

-This is why we have a Valentine’s Day

-I want to encourage you today about God’s love

-He is the ultimate Valentine

-Love is His character

-Romans 5:1-11

-Key Verse: Romans 5:5

I. God Loves You

A. Whether you know it or not

B. Whether you feel it or not

C. Whether you deserve it or not

II. God’s Love Is Foreign To You

A. You cannot love like God loves

-Romans 5:8>

B. You cannot understand how God loves

-Or why, either

-You may not even like the fact that God loves you

-Or love Him back

III. God’s Love Is Given Through The Holy Spirit

-It is not received in any other way

A. It is commenced at salvation

B. It is confirmed through sanctification

-When we give ourselves fully to God, we can know His love in its fullest extent

C. It is complete in glorification

IV. God’s Love Changes You

A. Enabling to love God supremely

1. In obedience

2. Naturally

B. Enabling you to love others fully

-Even those who hurt you

-Even your enemies


-Q: Do you know God’s love today?

-Has it begun through salvation?

-Has it been confirmed through sanctification?


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