Summary: Will we obey the command of Christ to love our neighbor?

I John 3:11-24

Pastor John L. Harper

Warden Assembly of God

April 16, 2008

Introduction: “Love is matter of life and death” (Va. Tech shooting)

I. THE MANDATE OF LOVE (vs. 11-15)

A. The primary duty of the Christian

1. Love is the first thing that is taught to new believers

2. Love is the first thing felt by new believers

B. This is love that is from above

1. This love is not naturally shown by those outside the church

2. This love promotes the other, not prevents the other

3. This love provokes the hatred of the world

C. Those without love are without life

1. The proof of being a new creation is love

2. Those dwelling in death refuse to love

3. The love of God which brings eternal life, can’t abide with murder

II. THE MOTIVE OF LOVE (vs. 16-17)

A. The example of Christ’s sacrifice

1. He laid down his life for us

2. We should lay aside our life for others

3. Those who love God have open hearts and open wallets

B. The excess of God’s blessing

1. When God has blessed us, he wants us to rivers and not reservoirs of His blessings.

2. The reason for the blessing of God is to be a blessing to others

3. When we give we open up our heart and reveal the love of God

C. The example of those who are in need

1. Our heart should be moved when we see the pictures of children who are starving and homeless.

2. We must ask God to give us wisdom to determine the real need of that person (Ex. People on the interstate begging for money)

3. Allow God to move our hearts, that we don’t become cynical or not discerning

III. THE MEANS OF LOVE (vs. 18-24)

A. The deed of love

1. Love is not love unless you give it away

2. Saying the words “I love you” are meaningless unless they are accompanied with action.

B. The duty of love

1. We must be willing to love with action and truth.

2. There are times we must speak the truth in love

3. Our hearts will not condemn love that is carried out in this manner

C. The dwelling of love

1. The Spirit of God brings confidence of God’s love

2. The Spirit of God brings comfort that we are carrying out God’s commands as we love others.

CONCLUSION: Christ has motivated us to love and has given us the tools for love will we obey His commands?

Copyright John L. Harper 2008

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