Summary: Philippians

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Philippians: Chapter-3


I. Vs.1 Loves Command-Rejoice in the Lord.

II. Vs.3 Loves Fulfillment-Rejoice in our Worship.

III. Vs. 3 Loves Provider-Rejoice in the Lord Jesus Christ

IV. Vs. 3 Loves Confidence Rejoice in His ability.

V. Vs. 4-8 Loves Sacrifice (8) Count all things but loss for Christ.

VI. Vs.9 Loves Bounty-Rejoice in HIS Righteousness.

VII. Vs.10 Loves Power- Rejoice in the Power of His Resurrection.

VIII. Vs. 13 Loves Short Memory-Rejoice that the past is forgotten.

IX .Vs. 14 Loves Journey – Rejoicing As we go along the way home/

X. Vs.17 Loves Example – Rejoicing in Paul’s example.

XI. Vs. 20 Loves Promise – Rejoicing in His Coming.

XII. Vs. 21 Love Embodied – Rejoicing in our new bodies.

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