Summary: As a Christian, we have a duty to love our Lord and love each other, for the Word of God says there are no other commandments greater than these.

Romans 12:9-21


In a sense, Paul is telling us how to act or behave towards others, on God’s behalf. This is how the Lord wants us to behave while in waiting for His Second Coming.

The Main point to get across here is Love. To love one another. These different things Paul mentions for us to do all ties into Love. If you have Love (a true Godly love) everything else will fall into place.

God loves His children. He loves us regardless of size, weight, height, race. Regardless of how much money we have, how many materials we own, how many people we know. He loves us regardless of how many mistakes we make. WE ARE SINNERS. God loves us despite this. He loves you and wants you to come home. This is why He has placed His word in our hands, so that we may follow His commandments and reach the place where we may spend eternity with Him.

God cannot help but love His children because God is love. He is not merely a characteristic of love; God, Himself, is love.

Example: Glass of water. Water is water. It cannot be anything else but water. Henceforth, God is Love, He cannot be or do anything else but love.


Dictionary defines it a few different ways.

1. Intense attraction for another person

2. sex or sexual intimacy

3. a love affair (which to me is saying adultery)

4. infatuation (hobbies, materials, opposite sex)

ALL ARE WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!

These definitions come from dictionaries this world uses. So this is telling me that the world defines love as stated above. It is an example of how this world twists and molds love into something completely ridiculous and very ungodly.

Also, Love is being taken out of many different things:


- love is taken out of most marriages. Or at least the love that God produces in a marriage. Marriage today is more paper than reality. When God’s love dwindles in a marriage, it takes happiness with it. Then the worse starts happening. (Adultery, Lying, Fighting, Spending time apart, more of a burden than a blessing)


- love is being thrown out of schools. Having love in the schools means keeping God’s Holy Word in it and teach it. Having love in the schools means saying a prayer rather than a pledge. Having love in the school is taking time-out to praise Him for giving you a school and the privilege of being able to be a role model to children.

- Bibles are no longer a part of the system. It’s all about evolution now. If you ask me, we need more Pastors and Evangelists to come and take part in our schools so that they can sit the teachers down along with the children and EVOLVE them into realizing that GOD ALMIGHTY is the Creator.


- love is being booted out of government as well. Ten commandments are being taken out of our constitution. I’ve even heard of talk trying to change our Ten Commandments. Good luck getting that one across on judgement day. They concentrate more on issues like money, taxes, money for weapons and war. These people are swamped with the press each day. Think of how wonderful it would be if one of these blind politicians stepped up to the plate and help spread God’s good news.


- believe it or not, Satan himself is trying to pull love out of the church. WE ARE ALL GOD’S KIDS. HENCEFORTH WE ARE ALL BROTHERS AND SISTERS. It is our duty as a Christian and as His child to love one another regardless of anything.

- Churches today have members having quarrels with members.

- Churches today have drunken Pastors and Pastors not living what they preach.

- Churches today have gossip. Spreading rumors against they’re brothers and sisters.

- I never thought there would come a day when a member of the church is suing their church, and while they’re suing the church they’re singing in the choir.

Deeper than the Church: FAMILY

- Do we love our family?? Speaking of parents, brothers/sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, immediate blood, etc.

- Do we have disputes?? Of course, everyone is not going to get along all the time. That’s just reality, but do we hold a grudge. Do we sin in our anger?? Just because you are bothered by someone from time to time doesn’t mean the love you have for them is gone. So you had a quarrel, forgive and forget. To forgive and forget is what makes you God’s child. Some say they forgive but they’ll never forget. That just ain’t gonna fly. If you forgive, than you must forget. Christ blankets your sins with His precious blood and forgets them for they are no longer seen. Why should we be any different than our Lord?? Forgive and forget people, forgive and forget.

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