Summary: In the book of Acts, Luke paints a portrait of a truly beautiful woman...her name was Dorcas.


Text: Acts 9:36 – 42


· “Beautiful” – delighting the senses by excellence and harmony, and often also giving great pleasure to the mind by an inner goodness (World Book Dict.)

· We have traded beauty for sensuality

· What is true beauty?

· Luke paints a portrait of a truly beautiful woman; her name was Dorcas

I. Dorcas had a beautiful name (v. 36)

· Tabitha – Aramaic; Dorcas – Greek

· Both mean gazelle or female deer, often praised for its beauty

· May have been physically attractive, but certainly beautiful in her deeds and concern for others

II. Dorcas had a beautiful home (v. 36)

· Joppa means “beautiful”

· Majestic city on the shores of Mediterranean about 40 miles NW of Jerusalem

· Tel-Aviv today

· Dorcas wasn’t beautiful because she lived in Joppa; Joppa was beautiful because Dorcas lived there

III. Dorcas had a beautiful relationship with the Lord (v. 36)

· May have been a convert of Philip’s

· Philip went from Gaza, was found in Azotus (Ashdod), and preached in all the cities until he came to Caesarea (Acts 8:40)\

IV. Dorcas had a beautiful ministry (vv. 36, 39)

· “Almsdeeds” – acts of charity

· Made clothing for and cared for the widows

V. Dorcas had a beautiful testimony (vv. 37, 40 – 42)

· Dorcas died, her friends sent for Peter

· Custom to bury before sundown, no later than 24 hours

· Took 3 – 4 hours to get to Peter, 3 – 4 hours to return

· Peter re-enacts Jairus’ daughter (Mark 5)

· She arose, continued to minister, and to spread the word


· Why is this included? There is an example to follow.

· Dorcas was beautiful because her love for the Lord motivated her to love others.

· Wouldn’t you like to be called beautiful? You are!

· The saved have a beautiful name – Christian

· The saved have a beautiful home – Heaven

· The saved have a beautiful relationship with the Lord

o Church, pray, study, meditate

· The saved have a beautiful ministry – serve others

o Dorcas used the abilities God gave her

o Cooking (soup kitchen), sewing, cleaning, mowing, painting, reading, listening, laundry, driving

o Woman with lots of children, someone came every Friday and did the laundry

o Matthew 25:34 – 40

· The saved have a beautiful testimony

o Mow elderly’s grass for free, say God loves you, and I just want you to know that I do too

· Besides your family, would it make a difference in anyone’s life if you died today?

· Her works were her eulogy. What will your works say about you after you are gone?

· What have you done for the Lord this past week? After all He’s done for you, shouldn’t you do something for Him?

· 1 John 3:16 – 18

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