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(1). The work of providence in her conversion (vs 6-10).

(2). The work of Paul in her conversion (vs 12-13).

(3). The work of Lydia herself in her conversion (vs 14a).

(4). The work of God in her conversion (vs 14b-15a).



• I guess you have all seen the BBC programme ‘Dragons’ Den’;

• Would be entrepreneurs get to showcase their business ideas;

• A panel of successful business leaders judge the ideas;

• And they get to invest their own money in the hope of securing an investment.

• Many participants emerge as public laughing stocks with egg on their faces,

• As James Seddon found with his electric egg boiler, which failed to boil anything.

• For others, however,

• It can be can be a life changing experience.

Looking beyond the programme and down through history - here are a few inventions/inventors who at first were rejected:

(1). Clarence Darrow & Monopoly.

• THE boss of American toy giant Parker Bros was not impressed;

• When the inventor of Monopoly tried to sell him his new idea in the Thirties.

• He claimed the game had "52 fundamental playing errors" which made it unplayable.

• Undeterred, Clarence Darrow, an unemployed Philadelphia heating engineer;

• Who had devised the game, went into production himself.

• As a result, Parker Bros was forced to spend a fortune buying back the idea.

(2). Bill Gates's & Microsoft Windows software,

• In 1985 Bill Gates's Microsoft launched Windows software,

• while already providing computer giant IBM with a similar system called MS-DOS.

• Gates asked IBM to endorse Windows, but it refused, unwilling to share profits with Gates.

• Without IBM's massive backing,

• Microsoft was forced to sell Windows separately on the retail market;

• Other computer firms, from Compaq to Xerox, capitalised by endorsing the product.

(3). James Dyson & his bag-less vacuum cleaner.

• James Dyson struggled for years;

• Trying to convince people there was a better way of cleaning carpets,

• But he couldn't find anyone prepared to build his bag-less vacuum cleaner.

• He re-mortgaged his house and, almost bankrupting himself,

• Finally perfected his revolutionary machine after five years of trial and tribulation.

• Now the Dyson cleaner out-sells its nearest rivals by more than two to one,

• His personal wealth is estimated at more than £122million.

(4). Walt Disney & Disney World

• Walt Disney is the businessman behind the very successful theme park;

• “Walt Disney World“.

• Walt Disney was once fired by a newspaper editor;

• For not having good ideas and no imagination.

• Disney World is currently valued at $35 Billion dollars.

(5). Colonel Sanders & KFC “Kentucky Fried Chicken”.

• Colonel Harland Sanders;

• Is the entrepreneur who founded KFC “Kentucky Fried Chicken”;

• When he was 56 years old.

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